Casting Call for Web Series “XODW” [Richmond, VA] #casting

Posted July 23, 2018

PLOT SUMMARY: It’s about a girl who finds out she is a mermaid and falls for the wrong guy.
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Casting Call for Web Series “PeTer: The Series” [Fort Worth, TX] #casting

Posted May 18, 2018

PLOT SUMMARY: How much living can you afford? This is the question that best friends Kayla, De’Ana, Christa, and Teresa are trying to figure out when Paul and Peter comes knocking at their door.
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Open Casting Call for Web Series “METRO: Red Roses Never Die” [Los Angeles, CA] #casting

Posted February 1, 2018

PLOT SUMMARY: Psychological thriller for Episode 7 of METRO Webseries. After discovering an infidelity, a woman finds herself trapped in a triangle with an old friend she encounters on the metro.
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Crew Call for Web Series “In Between the Lines” [London, England] #filmcrew #casting

Posted January 23, 2018

PLOT SUMMARY: Five years after university graduation in Oxford a group of 10 young adult friends Charlie, Malcolm, Stuart, Derek, Raymond, Jane, Cheryl, Amanda, Nadine and Lesley are trying to navigate through life while maintaining their friendships in their post-university lives in London. There will be no death, wedding and pregnancy in this web series which is shown in four two hour parts.
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UPDATED Casting Call for Television Series “Imani’s Voyage” [Atlanta, GA] #casting

Posted January 17, 2018
Updated January 19, 2018

I am casting for Imani’s Voyage the first episode of a web series based on an African woman from Nigeria and the trials and tribulations that she faces in her transition from Africa to America.
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Casting, Crew and Location Call for Web Series “Mothersh1p” [Dallas, TX] #casting #filmcrew #filmlocation

Posted October 9, 2017

Horror/Scifi music based-anthology web series.
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Casting Call for Web Series “Heroes of Olympus” [Millbrook, AL] #casting

Posted September 30, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: A webseries based off of the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan, starting with the first book, The Lost Hero. The series is a sequel to the Percy Jackson series and follows seven main heroes as they rush to save the world and their camps.
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Casting and Location Call for Web Series “Analog Girls – Pilot” [Long Beach, CA] #casting #filmlocation

Posted September 22, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: Casting (potentially recurring) roles for the pilot of a new coming-of-age comedy web show called “Analog Girls”. This episode follows long-distance best friends on a night out without each other. Although the parties they end up at are very different, the scenarios they face are equally hilarious.
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Casting and Crew Call for Web Series “20′ Something…” [Birmingham, AL] #casting #filmcrew

Posted August 15, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: When life brings 5 now adult friends back to the city where they all first met, secrets and tensions reach a boiling point as they navigate their relationships, and lives in their 20′ somethings.
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Casting Call for Web Series “Wingmen” [Brooklyn, NY] #casting

Posted August 12, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: “Wingmen” is a comedy drama about friends who come together at a local bar for discussions on sex, women, and life. From one of the writers of the hit web series “Situationships”
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Casting and Crew Call for Web Series “The Pizza Connection” [Queens, NY] #casting #filmcrew

Posted June 21, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: The Pizza Connection is a comedy web series based in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York. Based on true events. Gabriela decides to come to New York and surprise her online boyfriend. When things don’t work out, he leaves her and she finds Simone to be her new roommate, friend and partner in crime.
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Casting and Crew Call for Web Series “Murder by the Dozen” [Atlanta, GA] #casting #filmcrew

Posted June 9, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: Murder by the Dozen is a 12 part series about a girl who died at a local sorority. Now she is back for revenge against the sorority girls.
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Casting and Crew Call for Web Series “Asunder The Series” [New York, NY] #casting #filmcrew

Posted April 24, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: ASUNDER THE SERIES is a soap opera web series that follows the affluent, yet dysfunctional Chandler family, who owns Chandler Parfums and Cosmetics Corporation in New York City. CEO and CFO Thomas and Adele Chandler are always trying to stay one step ahead of their arch enemies the Blair family, who own Blair Natural Fragrances Ltd. Thomas and Adele are juggling being head of a fragrance empire, all while trying to train their children to eventually take over the business one day. Their middle son Xavier struggles with his bisexuality, oldest daughter Kamryn and her husband Elijah are dealing with infertility, and their youngest daughter Khloe is hiding her secret relationship with the Blair’s youngest son Dallas. The Chandlers will deal with a series of scandals, lies, and betrayals that will rock the Big Apple to its very core.
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Casting Call for Web Series “Cartoon Corner” [Boston, MA] #casting

Posted April 5, 2017
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Crew Call for Web Series “F.E.A.R.” [Atlanta, GA] #filmcrew #casting

Posted March 20, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: F.E.A.R. is a drama/comedy that leaves you begging for more. Every episode will provide you with every feeling on the emotional scale. The visions is “Martin” intertwined with “How To Get Away With Murder.” Every character will be so invested in their role that you won’t be completely sure if you’re watching a web series or reality T.V.
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Crew Call for Web Series “That Sketch Show” [Old Saybrook, CT] #filmcrew #casting

Posted February 28, 2017

That Sketch Show is a sketch comedy web series written and produced by NYC writers, Mary Corigliano and Sloan Brettholtz. Both women have trained with the Upright Citizens Brigade, and are ready to show off what they’ve got.

That Sketch Show is a series of sketches that highlight the oddities in our world that no one else seems to pick up on. From that person that always gets too into board games, to outdated recycling videos, this show really hits it all.
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Casting Call for Lead Role in Percy Jackson Web Series [Portland, OR] #casting

Posted February 17, 2017

12 episode Percy Jackson web-series: In need of actor for lead role.
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Casting Call for Web Series Pilot “The Midlife” [Atlanta, GA] #casting

Posted February 10, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: Struggling middle aged mother of two, Monica Jones, works as a Criminal Defense Attorney at The Law Offices of Grayson McGee. Monica is unhappy with her current lifestyle and often daydreams about living on the edge. She finds herself contemplating an escape from her current reality. Regardless of her internal struggle she manages to mask her feelings through forced family gatherings with inauthentic smiles and fake laughter. Determined to transform her life, Monica moves matters into her own hands by taking Grayson up on his suggestion to represent the local John Doe.
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Casting Call for Web Series “The Red Viper of Dorne” [Austin, TX] #casting

Posted January 27, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: A film about Oberyn Martell (Bradley Costas) and Ellaria Sand (Sophia Tallon) when they first met and their lives leading up to Oberyn’s death.
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Casting, Crew and Location Call for Web Series “The Underwoods of Napa Valley” [San Francisco, CA] #casting #filmcrew #filmlocation

Posted January 20, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: Winery owner, Kenton Underwood needs money. He wants to expand his winery by adding white wines to his label. Peter Keller of Eagle’s Nest Winery prevents Kenton’s plan. Unemployed Chef, Briana Rutledge wants to turn her grandmother’s cottage into her dream restaurant. Kenton’s ex-girlfriend and her father plot to destroy Briana’s dream.
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Crew Call for Web Series “Lapsed” [Los Angeles, CA] #filmcrew #casting

Posted January 19, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: A violent dream and a startling scene the following morning leads a candidate running for councilwoman to believe that she murdered her own mother until she discovers that she only witnessed the murder instead. Even with everything implicating her for the crime, she embarks on her own journey to find the killer by using the pieces of her fragmented memories and confronting the dark hidden secrets of her past. The story follows Victoria, a ambitious councilwoman, as she navigates through her crazy world to piece together the story behind her mother’s murder all while battling occasional blackouts and memory loss. The character of Victoria can be best described as a vulnerable soul, someone who is overcompensating for everything that’s happened to her in the past. This show is about Victoria’s journey through a complex world filled with a slew of interesting characters with compromised morals.
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Casting and Crew Call for Web Series “Chestpains” [Fort Worth, TX] #casting #filmcrew

Posted January 18, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: Reyna discovers she’s pregnant but after hearing her boyfriends outlook on parenthood is afraid to tell him he’s a father to be. Unable to find an opportune moment to alert him of his daddy to be status. She decides to hide it from him. How long can she keeps this up?
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Casting Call for Percy Jackson Web Series [Portland, OR] #casting

Posted January 16, 2017

I’m currently casting for an 11 episode Percy Jackson web-series, based on the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan. The series is about a boy named Percy Jackson, who finds out he is a son of Poseidon, and his demigod friends as they embark on dangerous quests and battle the evil forces of Kronos’s army. Listed below are the lead roles, however, this series will require having a lot of extras. Casting calls for them will be posted separately. It’s preferred that the actors live in Portland, OR and the surrounding areas, but as long as all actors have transportation to each film shoot and rehearsal, actors from farther cities will be considered.

If you see a role you’d like to audition for but you don’t meet the eye/hair color requirements exactly, still feel free to send in an audition; that won’t stop you from being considered, however, actors matching the character’s appearance will be considered first. Age is not as big of a deal- if you can look and act the age, you will be considered.
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Crew Call for Web Series [Charlotte, NC] #filmcrew #casting

Posted January 12, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: A recently single man at the lowest point in his life, accepts a job as a journalist publicizing a small rural town in North Carolina to attract urban populations but finds the town has a deadly secret.
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Casting Call for Web Series “Aria” [Atlanta, GA] #casting

Posted January 6, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: Atlanta-based web series about a heroine with psychic powers fighting for autonomy & control of her image as various interests try to limit her & her potential.
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Casting and Crew Call for Web Series “Two Boats in the Desert” [Joshua Tree, CA] #casting #filmcrew

Posted October 13, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: In the desert, two men discover they have the same motives for different acts of violence, one suicide, the other murder.
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Casting, Crew and Location Call for Web Series “Murder Theatre” [Little Rock, AR] #casting #filmcrew #filmlocation

Posted October 3, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: A girl is kidnapped and thrown into an arena that is the facility of a clone center. Here whether a clone or a natural born, children and adults must fight to entertain their audience.
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Casting Call for Web Series “The Doctor & Her TARDIS: Wholock” [Austin, TX] #casting

Posted September 21, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: The BBC’s The Doctor and Sherlock combine their talents to solve the mystery of Jack The Ripper in this episode of The Doctor & Her TARDIS.
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Crew Call for Web Series “Skitzophrenics” [New York, NY] #filmcrew #casting

Posted September 4, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: Sketch web show
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Casting and Crew Call for Web Series “A Tale of Three” [Lockhart, TX] #casting #filmcrew

Posted August 27, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: “A Tale of Three” revolves around the Traveler, the Master, and the Pianist in the strange world of In-Between. This is a three part series that moves along with the Traveler as he is introduced to odd people, and tries to understand this new world, a bitter and cruel Master, and a quiet Pianist.
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Casting Call for Web Series [New York, NY] #casting

Posted August 20, 2016
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Casting Call for Web Series “Living Life Like Trina and Jason” [Chicago, IL] #casting

Posted July 22, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: Trina Jenkins is a dynamic, independent corporate player with a solution for everything and everybody except her own love life. When her boss takes maternity leave and is temporarily replaced with the older and recently separated, Jason Reed, Trina finds her professional and romantic life upended by inconvenient feelings for him.
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Crew Call for Web Series “Coffee Shop” [St. Charles, MO] #filmcrew #casting

Posted July 15, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: 3 friends working at a coffee shop decide to save the shop from going out of business.
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Casting, Crew and Location Call for Web Series [Oak Park, IL] #casting #filmcrew #filmlocation

Posted June 24, 2016
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UPDATED Casting, Crew and Location Call for Web Series “The Doctor & Her TARDIS” [Brenham, TX] #casting #filmcrew #filmlocation

Posted June 7, 2016: reposted with updates

PLOT SUMMARY: Ever wonder what it would be like when The Doctor finally regenerates into a woman? Well, wonder no longer because we found her.
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Crew Call for Web Series “Natherine: Future Experience” [Los Angeles, CA] #filmcrew #casting

Posted May 23, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: A pair of spoiled melodramatic misfits, living the highlife as part of the Downtown Los Angeles music scene, get cut off right at the cusp of their experimental band’s rise to internet fame.
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UPDATED Casting and Crew Call for Web Series “Helm’s Curse” [Kitty Hawk, NC] #casting #filmcrew

Posted May 20, 2016: reposted with updates

PLOT SUMMARY: A modern allegory to the story of Nineveh, “Helm’s Curse follows Duncan Riddell, who has just moved to Green Shoals, a coastal town that its citizens claim to be under a curse that brings endless rain to the town. Duncan sets out to solve the mystery of the curse and bring it to an end. Along the way, he meets a girl named Rowan who suffers from depression from the haunting memories of her mother’s and brother’s deaths. Duncan helps Rowan to discover God’s love and forgiveness while bringing hope to all of Green Shoals.
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Casting and Crew Call for Web Series “Lost” [Orlando, FL] #casting #filmcrew

Posted April 25, 2016

A 3 part webseries – main focus is on girls who get lost in the woods.
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Casting Call for Web Series “SCKITZO” [Tacoma, WA] #casting

Posted April 21, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: In the not-too-distant future, superhuman fugitive Olivia has hidden deep within the shadows. But when rogue solider Riley digs too deep, their worlds descend into chaos.
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Location Call for Web Series “Doctor Who – The Doctor & Her TARDIS” [Texas] #filmlocation #casting

Posted April 21, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: A mad woman with a box travels through space and time along with her companion.
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Casting Call for Web Series “DilemmAH” [Fort Lauderdale, FL] #casting

Posted April 4, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: A new web series highlighting a young adult couple discovering the hard truths about marriage, love, and friendship.
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Casting and Crew Call for Web Series “Doctor Who – The Doctor & Her TARDIS” [Austin, TX] #casting #filmcrew

Posted March 31, 2016

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Crew and Location Call for Web Series “Or So the Story Goes: Season 4” [Weehawken, NJ] #filmcrew #filmlocation #casting

Posted March 23, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: Or So the Story Goes is an award nominated, anthological horror web series. Each season brings to life a different tale from classic children’s literature, with a dark modern twist. This season will be a teen slasher based on a classic fairy tale.
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Extras Casting Call and Crew Call for Web Series “DECAY” [Philadelphia, PA] #casting #filmcrew

Posted March 22, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: Set within the same world as AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” and heavily inspired by Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed video game “The Last of Us,” DECAY tells the story of three college friends who find their world disintegrating around them as an outbreak of apocalyptic proportions sweeps through their insignificant state.
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Crew Call for Web Series “Riley” [Los Angeles, CA] #filmcrew #casting

Posted March 19, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: Riley is an original comedy series about a former teen pop star. Now in her thirties, she’s struggling to overcome her publically humiliating downfall and subsequent nervous breakdown. But, it’s the power of friendship and the quirky characters she meets along the way that just might get her through…
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Casting, Crew and Location Call for Web Series “Whiskey for Colic” [Dallas, TX] #casting #filmcrew #filmlocation

Posted March 18, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: Leona Andrews just received a call that will potentially change her whole life. Her estranged sister, Dana, has had a baby. If it were Dana calling, that would be one thing. But, Detective Martin is definitely not her sister. Dana has gone AWOL. And her child’s future is up in the air. Dana’s child isn’t the only thing in limbo. Leona’s marriage to Tenison is undergoing its own topsy turvy journey. This new curve ball could be the remedy or the straw that breaks the camel’s back.
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Casting, Crew and Location Call for Short Film “STEAMPUNK LEGENDS: Fear The Reaper” [Orlando, FL] #casting #filmcrew #filmlocation

Posted March 16, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: A Time Traveler lands in 1886 to look for a power source required in the future and attempts to find inventor credited but instead finds himself becoming a guardian of two sisters from a ruthless City Sheriff and a corrupt Government official that slowly transforms him into someone he wasn’t expecting.
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Crew Call for Web Series “Seekers of the Lost Worlds” [Orlando, FL] #filmcrew #casting

Posted March 14, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: Two unlikely adventurers discover a tablet that puts them on a quest for the lost continent of Atlantis.
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Casting Call for Web Series “Only Crackers” [New York, NY] #casting

Posted March 12, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: Two kids find themselves in the woods & lost after an accident. They don’t know what happened.
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Casting and Crew Call for Web Series “The Hottest Summer EVER” [West Palm Beach, FL] #casting #filmcrew

Posted March 5, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: A coming of age story about five diverse best friends in their third year of high school, breaking the racial barriers of friendships and stereotypes. These West Palm Beach teens are the Queens of ‘Social Season’. Mai, Brandi, Jasmine, Veronica, and Summer are celebrating the next few months school free! Parties, Friends, New people, Boys, Breaking the law, and Parents, what could go wrong?!
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