Casting Call for Short Film “I’m in Here” [Plano, TX] #casting

Posted August 29, 2019

Looking for female twins to model / act for a short thriller piece. This is a very dark project. Looking for woman to pretend to let out their inner anger and depression.
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Extras Casting Call for Short Film “Stolen Sight” [Plano, TX] #casting

Posted July 19, 2019

PLOT SUMMARY: Jhene shows her college roommates that you can’t take kindness for a weakness.
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Casting and Crew Call for Short Film “Stolen Sight” [Plano, TX] #casting #filmcrew

Posted July 16, 2019

PLOT SUMMARY: Jhene shows her college roommates that you can’t take kindness for a weakness.
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Casting Call for Short Film “Stolen Sight” [Dallas TX] #casting

Posted May 17, 2019

PLOT SUMMARY: Never take kindness for granted. A group of college girls has to learn that the hard way.
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Casting and Location Call for Short Film “Stolen Sight” [Dallas TX] #casting #filmlocation

Posted April 28, 2019

PLOT SUMMARY: Never take kindness for granted. Jhene’s college friends had to learn that the hard way.
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Casting Call for Short Film “Stolen Sight” [Dallas TX] #casting

Posted April 25, 2019

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Casting Call for Short Film “Cabin of 1861” [Atlanta, GA] #casting

Posted December 10, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: A group of amateur treasure hunters stumble upon an old slave cabin and aren’t prepared to deal with the consequences of awakening old spirits.
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Open Casting Call for Feature Film “Assassin Behind The Glass” [Boston, MA] #casting

Posted May 4, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: Assassin Behind The Glass forces one to question whether snitching is a virtue or simply a death sentence.
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Casting Call for Feature Film “The 2nd Life” [Los Angeles] #casting

Posted April 30, 2013

CATEGORY: Feature Film


THE 2ND LIFE is a sci-fi mystery thriller about Naomi Park, a woman who seeks out the person who ruined her life to exact revenge in the most twisted, unorthodox manner.


Please submit all ethnicities for all roles unless otherwise noted. Low budget union Indie Film. Please, contact us by email only, and add reel.

GLENN—40’s Any ethnicity. Good-looking in a non-traditional way. Extremely charismatic and likeable, Glenn is the kind of guy that will buy a stranger drinks and make them feel like they’re the only person in the room. Underneath, he is a twisted, sick person who has molested his two teenage daughters. Glenn has a sick sense of humor and yet he’s also creepily sexy. The audience must love and hate Glenn at the same time. A representation of Naomi’s father in her dreams, the actor playing Glenn has a lot of room for play, and needs to be a solid, confident, experienced actor. Some partial nudity. Lead.

YOUNG NAOMI—(18 or older to play 15) Korean American. Brave, smart, and confident, Young Naomi is unable to escape the lure of her demented father. An avid bookworm and writer, Young Naomi hopes to someday be a detective novelist but her life is destroyed by her father who molests her and her sister when they’re in their teens. Her sister commits suicide, followed by her mother, and Young Naomi eventually becomes so anguished by her past that she goes into a mental institution. Requires a strong actress, some harshly implied sexual scenes, but no nudity. Must be comfortable in a bathing suit and be able to swim. Lead.

RAY—30’s to early 40’s. Any ethnicity. Lonely, shy, and with good intentions, Ray is a working-class guy who lives in the motel room next door to Naomi. He knocks on Naomi’s door one night and is instantly attracted to her. Ray takes Naomi out on a date, not knowing her messed up past. He tries to get close to her but she keeps pushing him away. Sweet but unrelenting, Ray doesn’t give up on Naomi and he lets her know that he’s there for her, even if she is messed up. Some partial nudity. Strong Supporting.

JEFFREY—early to mid thirties. Any ethnicity. The perfect guy you want to marry. Good-looking, fit, smart, kind, funny, understanding. Jeffrey is the guy Naomi fell in love with; the guy she comes to see if she can reconnect with after she is released from the mental institution. She thinks she’s going to have a great happy life with him until she meets his new beautiful wife and daughter. In Naomi’s dreams, we see Jeffrey and Naomi’s relationship when they dated before she was committed in to the mental institution. He genuinely cared for her but was beginning to notice she was not altogether right. Partial nudity. Strong Supporting.

OLDER JEFFREY—60’s. Any ethnicity. Jeffrey thirty-five years later. Lonely, broke and living in a run-down apartment by himself, Jeffrey’s marriage collapsed and his wife and daughter left him many years ago. He has gained probably over eighty pounds or so since his thirties, and he stays at home watching t.v. most of the time due to his health issues and back pain. When Naomi comes to visit him at his apartment, she is shocked to see how much he’s changed and how desperate he’s become. Day Player. One scene.

DREAM JEFFREY—40’s. Any ethnicity,. A figment of Naomi’s dreams, Jeffrey represents the younger, perfect Jeffrey, whom Naomi lost when she went into the mental insitution. When Detective Passenger questions him about his past relationship with Naomi, he recalls the horrible event that happened to them when they were on a date. Day Player. One scene.

STELLA—(18 or older to play 17) Korean American. Wise beyond her years, there is a certain mature sadness about Stella that comes from someone who’s been through too much at such a young age. Stella is protective over her sister Naomi because she knows too well how sick and twisted her father is. Stella tries to protect her sister, but is ultimately trapped herself in her need to receive her father’s love, even if he is her abuser. Stella kills herself by slitting her wrists in the bathtub. Must be comfortable in a swimsuit and be able to swim. Supporting.

ADULT STELLA—(30’s) Korean-American. Stella is a beautiful but damaged spirit. She’s the representation of herself in her thirties in Naomi’s dreams, if she had actually lived that long. In actuality, after being sexually abused by her father in her teens, Stella killed herself by slitting her wrists in the bathtub when she was only eighteen. Always trying to protect her younger sister, Naomi, she ultimately could not handle her own pain and grief, so she took her own life. Two scenes.

NANCY—(40’s to early 50’s). Korean American. Nancy is Naomi and Stella’s mother, who is manic depressive. She has battled with depression her whole life, and to make matters worse, she married a man who sexually abuses their daughters. She is in deep, deep denial about the abuse, and her husband has left her, not willing to care of someone so sick and depressed. He frequently visits the daughters while Nancy stays mostly in bed sleeping, or crying herself to sleep. Naomi tries to help her mother but Stella is more angry at her for allowing her sickness to take precedent over her priorities of being a mother. After Stella commits suicide in the bathtub, Nancy takes her own life by gassing herself in her car in the garage. Supporting.

CHERNOFF—(60’s-70’s) African American male. Chernoff is Dr. Frank’s best friend, who lives with him and cooks for him, and whom he plays card games with. Seemingly quiet and docile, Chernoff has a sly sense of humor and gives Detective Passenger the information he needs to help find Naomi. Supporting.

MRS. JUNGER—(late 40’s, early 50’s) German. Mrs. Junger is a crotchety, mean, high school honors English teacher who accuses Young Naomi for plaigarizing. Conservative, uptight, and cold, Mrs. Junger would frighten any young student. In Naomi’s dreams, she strangles Mrs. Junger by tying a rope around her neck. Must have authentic German accent. Three scenes.

THE REAL MRS. JUNGER—(60’s to 70’s) Any ethnicity. Mrs. Junger in real life is not as mean as she is in Naomi’s dreams. She’s much more warm and affable, even though she is still conservative and probably still strict as a teacher. When she sees Naomi grown up, she starts to remember and remind Naomi of her tragic past. Slight accent of some sort. One scene.

MALE DOCTOR—(40’s to 50’s) Any ethnicity. This psychiatrist interviews Naomi at the mental institution to see if she’s fit for release. Hard-nosed but caring, he ultimately lets Naomi go. One scene.

FRANCIS—(60’s-70’s) African American. The real Dr. Frank. Francis is the mastermind behind the Clonosis experiment. She is a retired geneticist living in the suburbs with her Russian husband, Chernoff. Not an evil woman, but she did questionable things as a scientist for the “greater good.” Naomi confronts Francis about what she did to her, and then Naomi poisons her drink. Chernoff saves her though, and she survives… One very important scene.

NAOMI’S FATHER—(late 60’s, early 70’sKorean American. Naomi’s father, now old and tired, lives in a motel by himself, alone and broke after living a carefree life of drinking, partying, and well…molesting his daughters. He’s a sick and twisted man, selfish and in denial of what he’s done to his family. When his daughter, Naomi confronts him, he only shows remorse for something completely unrelated. He has no sense of self-awareness for the terrible things he’s done. Finally, Naomi attempts to kill him, but instead, she ends up leaving him strapped and gagged to a chair. When the motel manager and police find him, he finally has the look of a broken man full of remorse. Several scenes, with one great monologue.

MOTEL WORKER—(50’s, male, any ethnicty). This somewhat sleazy motel worker works the graveyard shift and rents Naomi a motel room. He questions her not only for business reasons, but also because he has his own personal curiosity. Later, he unlocks the door for the police and finds Naomi’s father bound and gagged to a chair. Three lines, two scenes.

HIGH SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION OFFICE EMPLOYEE—(mid to late 20’s, Female, any ethnicity.) This nice young office worker works at the high school that Naomi went to. She tells Naomi where she can find Mrs. Junger’s room. One scene, five lines.

THE REAL CHERNOFF (70’’s- 80’s) The real Chernoff is a Russian man, educated, quiet, mysterious. He is Dr. Franks (Francis’) husband of fifty years. He takes care of her—cooks, cleans, plays cards with her. When Naomi comes to kill Francis, he tries to stop her, but Naomi is too strong for him. Three scenes, two lines.

COCKTAIL WAITRESS—(20’s). This pretty cocktail waitress lets Detective Passenger know that it’s happy hour at the bar. One scene, two lines.

UNIFORMED COP- (30’s-50’s) This policeman finds Naomi’s father bound and gagged to a chair in his motel room. One scene, one line.

OTHER COMPENSATION: Film credit, Meals, Snacks/beverages
SUBMISSIONS MUST INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume, Demo reel link