Casting and Crew Call for Television Series [New York, NY] #casting #filmcrew

Posted July 12, 2019

PLOT SUMMARY: The series deals with immigration and sex trafficking in New York City. A father and his daughter arrive in NY from Romania, dreaming of a better life. They are persecuted and forced into the shadows. When his daughter is kidnapped, he pulls out all of the stops to bring her back to safety.
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Casting Call for Web Series “Mothersh1p Season 2: Including Death” [Dallas, TX] #casting

Posted March 13, 2019

PLOT SUMMARY: “Mothersh1p Season 2: Including Death” follows the average-Joe protagonist, James, as he suffers from a common cold. He attempts to take care of himself, but unexpected horrors occur.
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Casting, Crew and Location Call for Feature Film “FAIR” [Oregon] #casting #filmcrew #filmlocation

Posted February 20, 2019

PLOT SUMMARY: A group of friends travel to the fair not knowing a creature is preying on them one by one on their way.
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Casting and Crew Call for Web Series”The Signal” [Dallas, TX] #casting #filmcrew

Posted October 30, 2018

PLOT SUMMARY: A seemingly ordinarily functioning alcoholic receives a secret envelope and must decide what to do with the information before it’s too late.
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Casting Call for Television Pilot [Chicago, IL] #casting

Posted April 19, 2018
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Casting Call for Short Film “Tia” [Clemson, SC] #casting

Posted February 26, 2018

PLOT SUMMARY: Tia and her brother Michael are attempting to escape a criminal organization to find their paternal parents. However, no amount of preparation can prepare Tia for the bind they she finds herself in. After accidently killing an undercover cop, she is forced on the run from not only deadly criminals but also the law. Michael, who is working behind bars to help his sister, is questioned by Detective Josiah Noble. Noble is obsessed with finding the proper evidence to put Michael, Tia, and the criminal organization away forever.
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UPDATED Casting and Crew Call for Short Film “Act Right” [Savannah, GA] #casting #filmcrew

Posted October 30, 2017: reposted with updates

SYNOPSIS: In his daily search for recognition, a struggling actor realizes on an average day, how far He has pushed the only person who truly believed in him – his mother.
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Casting Call for Short Film “The Letters That Guided US” [Clemson, SC] #casting

Posted September 26, 2017
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Casting Call for Short Film “Backmasked” [Costa Mesa, CA] #casting

Posted September 1, 2017

SYNOPSIS: Michael is processing the death of his loved one, April, by putting on a song that had meant deeply to both of them. But as he processes through the moments, Michael begins to hear something aching to come out of the record player that the song plays on. As he looks into this, something happens beyond Michael’s understanding that may unexpectedly allow him to make peace with his loss.
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Casting and Crew Call for Short Film “Machavellian” [Grand Blanc, MI] #casting #filmcrew

Posted August 12, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: An unassuming man finds himself in a tangled, dangerous relationship with a beautiful, abused woman.
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Crew Call for Short Film “Hope & Faith” [Savannah, GA] #filmcrew #casting

Posted August 12, 2017
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Crew Call for Trailer “Read Your Mind” [Los Angeles, CA] #filmcrew #casting

Posted June 27, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: [Trailer] Popular Wattpad book to be a Feature Film. A secluded teen sets on journey that unveils family secrets, learns to get out of her own way .Befriends those that encourage her and build self esteem as she grows into her abilities. {Sci-fi}

[Director’s Reel] Collaboration of Styles & Minds in entertainment with multi skills. This will be very fun!
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Casting Call for Director’s Reel “Artistic Styles” [Carson, CA] #casting

Posted June 20, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: Exciting project testing new software & quality that will be transitioned into a Director’s Reel. Looking to collaborate creative styles of young adults. Talent will be featured and receive footage for personal reel usage.
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UPDATED Casting and Crew Call for Short Film “Snake” [Highland, IN] #casting #filmcrew

Posted April 14, 2017: reposted with updates

PLOT SUMMARY: Snake is a thriller short film in which a girl is found passed out on the side of the road by 2 young men. They try to get answers out of her after she wakes up. All she remembers is a mysterious man, a picture, and the bar where she was the night before. How does her past relate to this mysterious man? And how does her accident fall into place? Who are these 2 young men that pick her up? Who can she really trust and what really happened last night?
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Casting Call for Web Series Pilot “The Midlife” [Atlanta, GA] #casting

Posted February 10, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: Struggling middle aged mother of two, Monica Jones, works as a Criminal Defense Attorney at The Law Offices of Grayson McGee. Monica is unhappy with her current lifestyle and often daydreams about living on the edge. She finds herself contemplating an escape from her current reality. Regardless of her internal struggle she manages to mask her feelings through forced family gatherings with inauthentic smiles and fake laughter. Determined to transform her life, Monica moves matters into her own hands by taking Grayson up on his suggestion to represent the local John Doe.
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UPDATED Casting and Crew Call for Short Film “DEDMN” [Chicago, IL] #casting #filmcrew

Posted October 13, 2016: reposted with updates

PLOT SUMMARY: The story of two hitmen dealing with their code of honor, and conduct, as they come into conflict.
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Extras Casting Call and Crew Call for Web Series “DECAY” [Philadelphia, PA] #casting #filmcrew

Posted March 22, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: Set within the same world as AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” and heavily inspired by Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed video game “The Last of Us,” DECAY tells the story of three college friends who find their world disintegrating around them as an outbreak of apocalyptic proportions sweeps through their insignificant state.
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