Post Cast and Crew Call

Post Cast and/or Crew Call (free)

Get connected to the cast and crew you need for your film project. We’ll post your call on our site within 24 hours and send out a broadcast to our database of actors and crew.

Two ways to submit –

1) Online Submission Form for Cast and Crew Calls

2) Send an email to with as much information as possible, including:

  • Project Title
  • Type: feature, short, television, web, documentary, or music video
  • Union or Non-union
  • Format: 35mm, Super 16mm, 16mm, HD, DV
  • Distribution: festival circuit, theatrical, DVD, etc.
  • Shooting schedule
  • Shooting location(s)
  • Synopsis
  • Character breakdowns
  • Crew positions needed
  • Compensation: paid, deferred, non-paid
  • Other compensation: film credit, DVD copy, meals, snacks/beverages
  • Audition time and location
  • Contact info for submissions: email address, mailing address, or phone number
  • Submission requirements: headshot, resume, etc.

Questions? Contact


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