Crew and Location Call for Short Film “End Times” [New York, NY] #filmcrew #filmlocation #casting

Posted October 18, 2018

PLOT SUMMARY: In New York City at the turn of the millennium, a disturbed loner suffering from insomnia works as a nighttime concierge at a hotel, where he meets a strange urban professional and soon learns about his very own obsession with violent and hedonistic actions. This is a thought-provoking, suspenseful, psychosexual drama about a man that plunges headlong into the pain and pleasure of a sadomasochistic fantasy.
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Casting and Location Call for Short Film “A Cloning Story” [Brooklyn, NY] #casting #filmlocation

Posted August 2, 2018

PLOT SUMMARY: In the near future, cloning is a day to day occurrence. The lead character, Alyx, is still dealing with the grief from the loss of her mother and she’s considering cloning her. The story follows her decision and her emotional journey.
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Casting and Location Call for Short Film “Strawberry Shake” [New York, NY] #casting #filmlocation

Posted May 16, 2018

PLOT SUMMARY: CHARLIE, 28, has bought a pet rabbit and prepared an elaborate dinner for her two young kids RUBY (8) and JACKSON (5) who she has not seen for months. Charlie picks Ruby and Jackson up from their Dad and brings them to the apartment in Brooklyn that she shares with platonic guy friend, JESSE. Though Jackson’s delighted to see his mom, Ruby’s angry, and Charlie tries to win her over. The rabbit is a hit, the kids dress up in costumes, and Jesse entertains. On a high-wire between anxious self-doubt and joyful excitement, Charlie tries to explain to her kids where she’s been, and discovers that telling the truth is tricky, and some things should remain hidden.
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Casting, Crew and Location Call for Feature Film “Michael” [New York State] #casting #filmcrew #filmlocation

Posted May 8, 2017

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Casting, Crew and Location Call for Short Film “Fotog” [New York, NY] #casting #filmcrew #filmlocation

Posted March 3, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: Fotog is a story about a struggling photo journalist who spirals into madness becoming a vicious murderer after suffering rejection upon rejection for not achieving enough realism in his work. Virgil, our antagonist, is the quintessential loner who secludes himself from most of reality. Alexa, our protagonist, is somewhat on a personal vendetta after she is brutally beaten and raped. Being victimized by two men, she evolves into a warrior-like state swearing that women will no longer be victimized by men…
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Casting, Crew and Location Call for Short Film “LUNCH” [New Jersey / Manhattan NYC] #casting #filmcrew #filmlocation

Posted October 25, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: Meet Maggie, she’s a horror novelist during the week living in a high-rise apartment in downtown Manhattan, NYC. Her only escape is visiting her Grandma in the suburbs of her old neighborhood in New Jersey where she spends one quiet day out of the weekend having lunch with her Grandma. She is stalked by the city’s most wanted homicidal rapist with a victim count of twelve this month and is followed back to her grandma’s for an evening lunch when the killer shows up as a TV Repairman, he is in for the surprise of his death.
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Crew and Location Call for Short Film “5;3-4” [Bronx, NY] #filmcrew #filmlocation #casting

Posted August 8, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: Harley, an escort for an undercover vigilante service, learns that her new client is an old tennis coach who raped her. This puts Harley at a crossroads with wanting to overcome her past, while not letting it hinder her relationship with her madam and the other escorts.
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Casting, Crew and Location Call for Feature Film “Taming Time” [New York, NY] #casting #filmcrew #filmlocation

Posted June 3, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: In the urban metropolis of New York City, seven friends embark on a hallucinogenic experiment, discovering the complexities in which their lives reflect onto one another, as they transcend into established adulthood.
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Casting and Location Call for Feature Film “BANJO” [Manhattan, NY] #casting #filmlocation

Posted March 25, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: The film is a musical story of the journey of Chris -a student studying music in an American college and a group of boys playing the Banjo (which is a musical instrument popular in Mumbai). Chris by chance hears the sound of the Banjo and comes all the way to India/Mumbai to find this group of boys & the Banjo.
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UPDATED Casting and Location Call for Short Film “The Other Brother” [Bronx, NY] #casting #filmlocation

Posted March 24, 2016: reposted with updates

PLOT SUMMARY: Don is a stand out high school athlete who has the world by the balls. One day that all changes when he faces a life threatening aliment. His life falls apart more when he finds out the family that raised him isn’t his. Ann, an anxious mother of a son, sees his story on the news and becomes eerily enamored with him.
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Crew and Location Call for Short Film “Snuff” [New York, NY] #filmcrew #filmlocation #casting

Posted January 9, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: Snuff is a horror comedy about all the intricacies and foibles of a snuff film crew. The crew themselves have killed tons of actresses for the sick pleasure of snuff film viewers, but this time they mistakenly kill the lead actress before they are finished shooting her scenes. The solution to their problem is a simple one: find a replacement actress. But where are they going to find another big boobed, blonde actress who wants to be in a movie? Easily enough they do find a replacement, but they get much more than they bargained for with her. After all, a film set can be a very dangerous place to be.
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Crew and Location Call for Short Film “Utopian Codex” [Brooklyn, NY] #filmcrew #filmlocation #casting

Posted January 25, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: A breach in the racial behavioral codex is the ultimate crime of a programmer in this Utopian world. Two programmers race desperately to avoid doing the time for their crime, while taking on the secretive syndicate responsible for America’s racial psyche.
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Casting, Crew and Location Call for Short Film “Offenders” [New York, NY] #casting #filmcrew #filmlocation

Posted June 17, 2015

PLOT SUMMARY: A former teacher must face his first Halloween on the sex offender list where he is tasked to stay inside. (Dark comedy)
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Location Call for Independent Feature Film “The Cruel Tale of the Medicine Man” [New York, NY]

PROJECT TITLE: The Cruel Tale of the Medicine Man
STATUS: Non-Union
CATEGORY: Feature Film
DISTRIBUTION: Festival Circuit
PRODUCERS: Maria Beatty and James Habacker
WRITERS: Richard Lovejoy and James Habacker
DIRECTOR: Maria Beatty
CASTING AGENT: Giselle Dakota
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Think Brothers Productions
SHOOTING SCHEDULE: 10/1/2012-10/21/2012
SHOOTING LOCATION: New York City and Upstate New York


STORY LINE: Linda (a young dancer) is hired to work in a vaudeville nightclub. The dancers who eventually want out of this nightclub end up in freakish accidents on stage. Roxy, Linda’s ex-girlfriend and undercover detective, suspects all of these bizarre accidents and disappearances are all linked to it’s club owner Mr. Choade.



-Makeup/Dressing Room

-Studio Apartment

OTHER COMPENSATION: Film credit, Snacks/beverages

Cast/Crew/Location Call for Independent Short Film “Awake” [New York City, NY]

CATEGORY: Short Film
SHOOTING SCHEDULE: late March to early April


AWAKE: A disillusioned, post-grad intern, gets an unexpected invitation, which triggers his disintegration. Is he losing touch with reality, or reality losing touch with him? As everything starts to slip away, he must ask himself what it means; to interact with your surroundings, to be close to another person, and to be fully- present in every moment.


– Intern: 18-25. Caucasian, skinny. Post-graduate hipster. Intelligent but completely detached from the world around him. Life = home, bus, work, bus, home. Repeat ad infintum.

– Roommate: 18-25, any ethnicity. Young, fun-loving, easy-going. Almost the complete opposite of Intern but despite that he still loves the guy. Feels as if he needs to look out for him.

– Mortician: 60-80, any ethnicity. Very mysterious figure, who seems to speak in only riddles. Skinny, looks like a human ventriloquist dummy

– Mother: 45-60, Caucasian. Very emotional. Going through every mother’s nightmare: losing a son.

Email applications for time and location of audition. Only applications with both a headshot and resume will be considered.


Director of Photography – must have a Sony EX-1 or Canon dSLR with follow focus rig. Must submit reel or work sample for consideration.

Production Designer – must have prior on-set experience, and experience working with a budget. please detail all previous experience and work samples.

Assistant Director – must have prior on-set experience, please detail all previous experience.

Script Supervisor – must have prior on-set experience, please detail all previous experience.

Location Scout – possible compensation for usable locations.


-Funeral home

-Tiny and cheap apartment

-Office space

COMPENSATION: Deferred, Non-paid
OTHER COMPENSATION: Film credit, DVD copy, Snacks/beverages, Transportation
SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: March 15, 2012
AUDITION DATE: March 3, 2012 and later dates TBA
AUDITION ADDRESS: Email for address and to schedule an appointment
SPECIAL NOTES FOR AUDITION: Email for address and to schedule an appointment
OTHER NOTES: This a very low-budget short film and patience and flexibility will be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!