Casting and Crew Call for Feature Film “Cold Summers” [Memphis, TN] #casting #filmcrew

Posted August 7, 2019

PLOT SUMMARY: “Cold Summers” is an Action/Drama film based off true events. The Story is about a young orphan boy who spends his life searching for love, and then he finally finds love in money. But in the process of finding love, he loses the ones who truly love him.
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Casting, Crew and Location Call for Short Film “Toxic Idiots” [Chattanooga, TN] #casting #filmcrew #filmlocation

Posted February 28, 2019
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UPDATED Crew Call for Short Film “Birthday Surprise” [Lexington, TN] #filmcrew

Posted September 22, 2017
Updated October 4, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: Nora is a housewife that has prepared a surprise birthday dinner for Carter, her husband. Carter comes home from work in a bad mood and Nora has to try her hardest to make things better for him.
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UPDATED Casting and Crew Call for Short Film “Disturbance Call” [Brentwood, TN] #casting #filmcrew

Posted August 12, 2017: reposted with updates

PLOT SUMMARY: Two police officers are dispatched to a disturbance call only to be terrorized by a demonic entity.
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