Crew Call for Short Film Series “Seven Days in July” [Boston, MA] #filmcrew #casting

Posted October 31, 2016

Seven Days in July is a four part series of short films that all come together as one.
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Casting and Crew Call for Short Film “The Discovery of Loneliness” [Boston, MA] #casting #filmcrew

Posted September 11, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: A man disconnected from his feelings meets a woman disconnected from reality. Will they connect with each other and be able to find balance in life? Or will they become pawns of a society whose imbalanced values breeds isolation? A short drama about a man and woman meeting by chance at a coffee shop.
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Casting and Crew Call for Short Film “The Fighter’s Compassion” [Boston, MA] #casting #filmcrew

Posted July 27, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: The film is in a series of short films. The Fighter’s Compassion is about a tough female who wants to leave her rough past behind and start over new. When she returns home, her past tries to bring her back into what she was before.
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