Casting, Crew and Location Call for Short Film [Westover, MD] #casting #filmcrew #filmlocation

Posted June 10, 2018

PLOT SUMMARY: We all have an origin, so did Harriet Tubman. This story takes a look at Rit, Harriet’s mother and gives a look at where the courage came from for her to become an agent in the Underground Railroad.
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Casting and Crew Call for Short Film [Maryland] #casting #filmcrew

Posted January 17, 2018

PLOT SUMMARY: A psychological drama about how the love of a mother can go so wrong that takes place in the late 1960’s.
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Casting and Crew Call for Short Film “LoftonFilms 48HFP DC Horror 2017” [Laurel, MD] #casting #filmcrew

Posted September 22, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: Currently Unknown. The 48 Hour Film Contest DC (Horror) takes place Oct 20 – 22nd 2017. On Friday Oct 20 we will receive a Genre (within Horror), a Prop, a Character and 1 line of dialogue around which we will formulate a plot.
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Crew Call for Short Film “Dirty Dishes” [Baltimore, MD] #filmcrew #casting

Posted June 23, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: Dirty Dishes is about a dispirited 1950’s housewife who desires a life outside of her home, but must first confront her sink full of dirty dishes.

Martha Lapin is a dispirited 1950’s suburban housewife who feels disengaged from the world around her. One morning while having breakfast with her husband, Roger, and their two kids, Martha comes across an ad for a writing assistant position and confesses to Roger her desire to rejoin the workforce. Blindsided by her confession, Roger convinces Martha that her duty as a wife and mother should come before her desire to return to work. With Roger and the kids away, Martha goes about her day as usual receiving visits from Bill, an insurance salesman, Darcy, her high-spirited nanny, and Nancy Girshfield, the ultimate neighborhood housewife. In the end, Martha finds that going after what she wants will force her to confront the one question she is afraid to ask herself: does she love her family as much as she thinks she does? And that answer may rely entirely on whether or not she can complete the one task she secretly refuses to do: washing the dirty dishes.
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Crew Call for Feature Film “A Safe Place” [Bel Air, MD] #filmcrew #casting

Posted November 28, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: A young couple Manfred (played by Tony Barber) and Sarah (Joanna Adams) King turn to alcohol to deal with the pain of the needless death of their daughter Lucy (Bethany Schilling and Averi Adkins). Their bitterness tears their relationship apart leading to Manfred losing Sarah, his job, and his bar tab all in one day. Manfred begins to attend Celebrate Recovery after his friend Paul (played by Chris Malone) and his bartender Randy (Mark Wodarski) shows him how his life has become a prison due to alcohol. Sarah contemplates divorce with the advice of her Fab Four Friends (Melissa Temme, Paulette Gardner, and Sarah Velems) while she wrestles with the grief of her previous decisions. Everyone has hang-up, hurts, and habits and need people to come along side in support. That maybe dealing with the anger and how that affects children (James Allison, Dominik McKenney-George, Susannah Hare, and Sydney Keating), depression (Dave Wisniewsk) or addiction (Jody Gardner).
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Casting and Crew Call for Short Film “The Message” [Hagerstown, MD] #casting #filmcrew

Posted October 4, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: A murder seen through the eyes of three personalities. All involved in various ways.
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Casting, Crew and Location Call for Feature Film “NOW” [Baltimore, MD] #casting #filmcrew #filmlocation

Posted February 14, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: For years young Amber and her brother Brian were taught by their parents, teachers, elders and pastor how to prepare for the final battle. Their lives are shaken when they find themselves standing alone in the final hour. As time rapidly winds down, Amber and Brian are saddened as they watch loved ones align in opposition to their faith in Christ. In the end will they be able to stand for truth, or will they also turn their backs on their beliefs? A decision must be made one way, or another as they begin to realize……..The Time Is NOW!
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Casting and Crew Call for TV Series “Post Revelation” [Cheverly, MD] #casting #filmcrew

Posted October 8, 2015

PLOT SUMMARY: This TV series follows several groups of individuals that live in a time of martial law and also during the period of Revelations. The struggle to avoid being put in concentration camps and avoiding the military run country while dealing with the horror that lays outside of the concentration camp walls and the inner city will prove to be a task that slim to none can do unless these groups find a way not to kill each other first.
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Casting and Crew Call for Short Film “What does Forgiveness mean to you?” [Maryland] #casting #crewcall

Posted June 22, 2014

PROJECT TITLE: Working Title: What does Forgiveness mean to you?
STATUS: Non-Union
CATEGORY: Short Film. This is a short documentary that is being shot as part of a weekend competition for the Producers Guild of America, Make Your Mark Contest.
DISTRIBUTION: Director reel
PRODUCERS: Jonathan and Shayla Hebron, Brian Turner
WRITER: Shayla Hebron
DIRECTORS: Jonathan and Shayla Hebron
CASTING AGENT: Jonathan Hebron
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Uppity Noir Productions, Inc.
SHOOTING SCHEDULE: Saturday, June 28th, 2014 from 6:30 am to 11:30 am/2:30 pm to 6:30 pm
SHOOTING LOCATIONS: Centennial Park, 10000 Maryland 108, Ellicott City, MD 21042 / Rain Location: 7939 Ashford Boulevard, Laurel, MD 20707


What does Forgiveness mean to you? is a short documentary where 5 people tell their stories about their journey to forgive the greatest offense that was committed against them. Based on 5 pre-selected quotes, each person will explain how that passage applies to their story.

Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, thus healing your soul and lighting your path to a fulfilling life. So.. what does forgiveness mean to you?


Asian male or female between the ages of 25-45

Caucasian male or female between the ages of 25-45


Second camera operator (To operate Go Pro Hero and for set stills)

Sound operator (To assist with setting the Azden Smx10 Directional Stereo Microphone)

OTHER COMPENSATION: Film credit, DVD copy, Snacks/beverages
SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: Thursday, June 26th 2014
SUBMISSIONS TO INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume, Snapshot okay, Demo reel link


This short is being shot as part of a competition sponsored by The Producers Guild of America and Cadillac where applicants are responsible for shooting, editing and submitting a 3-5 minute short film between Saturday, June 28th – Sunday, June 29th. The top 10 finalists will compete for a chance to produce a :30 second Cadillac TV spot that will air on film makings greatest night… the 2015 Academy Awards on ABC.

This short will also be in part of a kickstarter campaign to expand this documentary into a feature length film to be distributed among the festival circuit.

Crew Call for Feature Film SLIGH “The Retribution” [Maryland & Brooklyn, NY] #crewcall #casting

photo 3

Posted January 2, 2014

PROJECT TITLE: SLIGH “The Retribution”
STATUS: Non-Union
CATEGORY: Feature Film, Trailer will need to be filmed also
WRITER: Craig Gaddy Jr
DIRECTORS: Kevin Baptist, Craig Gaddy and Khia Godfrey
CASTING AGENT: Rayvon Williams
SHOOTING LOCATION: Maryland and also Brooklyn, NY

NA2F Productions is a brand new production company based out of Maryland and New York. We are preparing to film our first movie soon and decided to go with using a whole new film crew. Since I’ve been on this site as an actor I know there is a lot of talent here. We want to work with like minded people who have the same common goal. After the film is shot we will have two premiers. One at the Magic Johnson Theater in Largo, Maryland and also in Lower Manhatten, New York, NY. We have also partnered up with Digi Distrubution for post production. After the premier the film will be available on Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and Amazon through Digi Disrtibutions.


Film crew needed. Whether it’s audio, camera, or editing, film crew will be needed.

COMPENSATION: Paid, Deferred
OTHER COMPENSATION: Film credit, DVD copy, Meals, Snacks/beverages, Transportation