Casting Call for Short Film “Scrounger” [Greensboro, NC] #casting

Posted September 9, 2019

PLOT SUMMARY: A scrounging vagabond is treated as an inhuman homeless man by society, as he assembles materials (trash, roadkill, etc.) for a shrine which has possessed him. After being scorned around town he returns to his “home”, an abandoned mill which houses the shrine known to him as “The Masterpiece” to which he confides his own views towards society. He goes out the next day to get the materials necessary for the completion of “The Masterpiece” but upon finding the so-called “final piece” he is chased back to the mill and shot down by a police officer (Officer Carnegie) who thinks he’s stealing and trespassing. The police officer finds “The Masterpiece” and is immediately enraptured by its “beauty”. Two police officers discuss a missing officer and when we return to the mill there is a new scrounger who has adorned “The Masterpiece” with Carnegie’s badge.
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Casting Call for Television Pilot “Edie” [Greensboro, NC] #casting

Posted January 15, 2019

PLOT SUMMARY: Edie is a story about a male escort that takes a date with a lonely young woman, and he uncovers a horrifying truth. There are adult themes in this film, but NO nudity.
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