Casting and Crew Call for Short Film “Thero” [Ithaca, NY] #casting #filmcrew

Posted August 27, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: The film centers around an aged hero reminiscing on the battles of his youth. The passing of his comrades in the years since their journey has disheartened him, as well as the regret of what happened in the past and how he is perceived now. With the upcoming “50th Anniversary Celebration of Victory” tour beginning on the heels of the death of one of his friends, he becomes the last remaining member of the “Five Fabled Heroes.” Throughout he struggles to find his place in a changing world that has started to forget his battles and life.
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Casting Call for Short Film “The Far Lands” [Ithaca, NY] #casting

Posted September 24, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: At the border of a nation, a guard patrolling finds an escapee from the other side, eventually having to make a choice between his duty and his own desires.
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Casting Call for Short Film “Heart Not For Sale” [Ithaca, NY] #casting

Posted September 21, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: A feel good story where an elderly salesman is hesitant to find love after the passing of his wife. This all changes when he meets a little girl in a local park.
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Casting Call for Short Film “Uncle Sam’s” [Ithaca, NY] #casting

Posted July 10, 2014

STATUS: Non-Union
CATEGORY: Short Film
DISTRIBUTION: Festival circuit
PRODUCERS: Laurence Rosenzweig, Sarah Fiskin
WRITER: Laurence Rosenzweig
DIRECTOR: Laurence Rosenzweig
SHOOTING SCHEDULE: October/November 2014


A bigoted strip club owner tries to stop an obese dancer from performing on his stage.


Angela: 18-26, Supporting, all ethnicities
Strong, hard-working, and exceptionally kind. She’s young but she’s been hardened by what she’s been through and takes on the role of mother for all the young girls who come into the club. She isn’t afraid to stand up to anyone. On stage, she’s passionate, sexy, and a disciplined dancer.

Sam: 45-70, Lead, caucasian
Old and mean as hell. He has a paunch and a cowboy hat and mostly treats his strippers like dirt. He’s been in the business a long time and his club is finally failing. He tries to hide his fear of that failure under his insults. He’s very set in his ways and prideful. Deep down there might be something redeemable but we barely glimpse it.

Marnie: 18-23, lead, caucasian
Marnie is obese. Endless teasing has toughened her up and most everything just rolls off her back. She knows what she wants and ignores her insecurities to get by. She’s doggedly persistent. She is smart and kind but those aspects of her have gotten buried under years of hurt and self-deprecation. On stage she’s a powerhouse. She’s sexy and wild with a style all her own. She questions her own abilities and cracks appear in her strong facade but she is able to overcome her fears.

Melody: 18-24, supporting, any ethnicity
Fun, cute, not as cynical or tough as some of her fellow strippers. She likes dancing and likes the job. She and Niki are usually seen as a pair. One gets the impression that these two are not the smartest girls at the club.

Niki: 18-24, supporting, any ethnicity
Similar to Melody, she’s young and naive. Neither seem to have put much thought into what it means to be a stripper and they are just enjoying the ride.

Chastity: 18-22, supporting, any ethnicity
Chastity is very young. She’s struggling to get by and it’s breaking her down emotionally. She is sweet and proud, but the constant berating from the club owner, lecherous behavior of the customers, and her financial trouble is killing her. She’s new to the club and to the business and she clearly doesn’t feel comfortable being so exposed, both physically and emotionally. This girl is raw and doing everything she can to get by.

Danielle: 18-27, supporting, any ethnicity
She needs to be dripping with sex appeal. She’s a seasoned dancer. She’s outgrown this failing rural club and is moving up in the world. A hotter, newer club has recruited her to dance. She’s that good. She says she feels connected to her humble beginnings at our club but she’s cocky and pretty insensitive.

Patron #1: 25-45, supporting, any ethnicity
Customer at the club. He’s almost too nice to be at a strip club. He takes a chance on the obese stripper and cheers her on. He saves her job when he asks for a private dance.

Announcer: 25-40, day player, any ethnicity
Announcer at the club. He DJs and introduces the girls as they come onstage.

Patrons; 25-60, background/extra , any ethnicity
Customers at the strip club. Watch the strippers at the stage, get dances, provide atmosphere. Could be a frat boy there for a special occasion or an older regular.

Dancer: 18-28, background/extra, any ethnicity
Girls who will act as the background dancers and provide the non-speaking roles. Must be comfortable dancing on a pole and giving lap dances to other extras. Nudity is not required but costumes will be skimpy.

OTHER COMPENSATION: Film credit, Meals, Snacks/beverages, Lodging, Transportation
SUBMISSIONS TO INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume, Snapshot okay


If you would like to audition for any of these roles, please note in the email your general availability in October and November of this year. Most of the female parts require dancing as well as acting, so please indicate whether or not you have any dance background. Nudity is not required in the film for any role, but if you are auditioning for a female part, please let us know if you are comfortable being topless. Auditions will likely take place via Skype or a similar program and can be scheduled at your convenience.