Casting and Crew Call for Short Film “The Skin Walker Parts 1-3” [Las Vegas, NV] #casting #filmcrew

Posted December 5, 2018

PLOT SUMMARY: Harley milrow realizes he must confront a evil spirit of native American mythology. His birth mother CAROLYN has been over taken by it many years before.
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Casting and Crew Call for Feature Film “Wizards and Genies” [Las Vegas, NV] #casting #filmcrew

Posted August 9, 2018

PLOT SUMMARY: One of the most beloved stories of Hans Christian Anderson becomes more vibrant in my telling of the Snow Queen. Angela is the villain to her family because of her past jealousy of her sister Mother Nature and she has been banished from the Holy Kingdom and her family is torn apart. She vows to get her revenge. That’s the villain’s part in the film Wizards and Genies and it’s a prequel to Angela Queen of Winter.
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Casting Single Men for Reality Television Show [Las Vegas, NV] #casting

Posted January 7, 2014

PROJECT TITLE: Casting Single Men In Las Vegas
STATUS: Non-Union
CASTING AGENT: Balyndah Bumpus


You’ve seen her. You may have even met her. You may even be in the “Friend Zone” with her. But you just can’t ask that girl out.

The C.W. network is in Las Vegas right now looking for a guy who’s got his eye on a girl that he just can’t bring himself to ask out.

Maybe you see her all the time at Starbucks, at work, in class, at the gym or at your favorite bar. Maybe you met her before, or maybe you haven’t had the courage (or the right opportunity) to say hello.

Well, what if you didn’t have to ask her out? What if we created the perfect situation for HER to notice YOU?

It doesn’t matter if you think she’s out of your league or if she doesn’t even know you exist. Let the C.W. work with you to get that girl’s attention on this brand new, unscripted TV show!

Send an email to
with your name, phone number, a recent photo and a brief explanation of how you know the girl of your dreams.

We can turn that missed connection into something real!


*To apply, you must be a U.S. resident, at least 18 years of age and live in the Las Vegas area.

OTHER COMPENSATION: Meals, Snacks/beverages

Casting Call for Reality Television Game Show “SHENANIGANS” [Las Vegas, NV] #casting

Posted September 10, 2013

Las Vegas
Casting Call
contact: Sean Stone

Click here to download casting notice in pdf


Do you deserve a shot at ONE MILLION DOLLARS?

Are you Facebook Famous? Truly Twitterific? Vivacious on Vine? An Instagram Instastar? Are you simply Youtubelicious? Or do you put the PLUS in Google+?

Do you have at least 5000 fans, connections, followers, subscribers etc. on any one of these major Social Media platforms?

Do people describe you as confident, dramatic, funny, brilliant, emotional, or quirky?

Then of course you do daaaahhhhling!

Drum Roll Please…

STONE2 is proud to present a new television show that is currently in development and focuses on the virtual kingdoms built by people (like you!) who excel in SELF-PROMOTION!

If you (and your fans) believe that you are ready to make the big move to Global Stardom – then please email us with your audition clip immediately!

The Nuts & Bolts

Please include all of the following components to be eligible to audition to compete.

1. IS ANYONE THERE? You must verify that you have a “fan-base” of 5000 legitimate people on any of the major social media networks.

*Your fans are critical to your success. They will have the opportunity to assist you as you progress on the show – so it is crucial to have them cheering you on from the very beginning!

*However; it is not necessary to have a 5K+ following for each of the social media accounts but at least one account must hit the “5000 people are paying attention to me and what I post” mark in order to even be considered for the show. Further, we will be able to detect fraudulent followers …so you must be the “real deal” to even submit your audition.

2. IS THIS THING ON? Are you a 7-second Vine Personality or a 60-second YouTuber? You decide. You may submit a link to your audition in the social media format of your choice but it must be between 6 and 60 seconds and based on one of the following prompts.

1) (SHOW OR TELL) “Why Are Your Social Media Fans a perfect support team for you as you endeavor to win the million dollar prize?”
2) (SHOW OR TELL) “What one thing separates you from everyone else that will audition for this opportunity of a lifetime?”
3) (TRUTH OR DARE) “I have a secret…!” *Tell us the truth about your secret or we dare you to demonstrate!
4) (PERFORMANCE OR PHYSICAL) “Are you artistic or athletic? Do you sing or dance? Lift weights or play with puppets? Are you a Professional Cheerleader or an Exceptional Ice Cube Stacker?” *Your Talent… Your Choice.
5) (MIND Over MATTER) “Are you brilliant? Creative? Inventive? Philosophical? Have your friends nicknamed you google?” *You’ve got the brains. Now prove it!

4. Hey! You Look Familiar…Have We Met? … Include an introductory email to and complete answers to each question:

[] What is your full name? Nickname?
[] What is your best contact information?
[] What type of flexibility do you have with your schedule if you are selected for this show?
[] What is your favorite reality show or game show?
[] Who is your favorite AND least favorite realebrity and please specify why.
[] What is your biggest fear?
[] What motivates you?
[] What is your ultimate goal in life?
[] How did you achieve social media stardom?
[] Why should you be chosen for this show?
[] Who would you trust most if you needed someone in a “crisis” situation?
[] What would you do with one million dollars?

5. The Hook Up – Attach the links to the 3 social media accounts where you have posted your audition or the link to your audition (minimally – three of the following: Google+, Vine, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram).

*Also, please remember to tag the posted audition or audition link in each social media account with the words “SHENANIGANS” and “STONE squared“. These posts must remain on your account during the entire casting and production period.

Please feature the link(s) to the account(s) that demonstrate that you meet the 5k+ fan base of “real people” (as opposed to “paid robots”) on at least one social media account – which must also include your posted audition.

*The casting department will also note if your fans have already viewed and/or reposted your audition. Hint: the more buzz the better…

6. Now Starring…– The Appearance Release (Attached here)- Complete, sign, and submit for anyone that appears on your audition submission.

Our Less than Subtle Call to Action!

So what are you waiting for? We look forward to meeting you… and your fabulous fans!