Casting and Location Call for Short Film “Real|Fiction” [Columbia, MO] #casting #filmlocation

Posted October 7, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: Through writing a series of fiction shorts, Leo is able to overcome his fear of talking to his crush – Andrea.
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Casting / Crew / Location Call for Feature Film “Shoes” [Columbia, MO] #casting #crewcall #locationcall


Posted May 20, 2014

PROJECT TITLE: Shoes (Untitled)
STATUS: Non-Union
CATEGORY: Feature Film
DISTRIBUTION: Festival circuit
PRODUCERS: Harleigh Wacker, Morrow Dothage
WRITER: Jaden Messner
DIRECTOR: Harleigh Wacker
SHOOTING SCHEDULE: Late July/Early August 2014


The story follows 6 main characters as they are in high-school. Some of them are bullies, some are victims, and others are by-standers. The story pushes the stance of not being a silent by-stander and standing up for yourself.


Jax: (1)
Role- Main character, Victim of physical bullying
Home Life- He lives at home with his supportive, loving, mother, Adrian (30s). He has a dead-beat father who is not around anymore and who never even married his mother. Jax lives in a low income household, so he doesn’t have many of the luxuries most kids are used to.
Personality- Jax is a loveable dork. He isn’t a typical nerd, but he is slightly socially awkward, quirky and he’s an introvert, so he doesn’t make an effort to talk to people if something doesn’t need to be said. He is, however, honest and intelligent, and when he opens up, has a good sense of humor. But since he isn’t very imposing, he is the target of lots of bullying, and since he has few friends to support him, he suffers alone through much of this torment.
Sophomore, 16 years old
Scrawny-Average build
Messy hair

Dani: (2)
Role- Main Character, Verbal Bully and Cyber Bully, Abuse Victim
Home Life- She lives with both parents, however, her mother, Maria (40s), is a workaholic and is rarely home. Dani craves attention from her mother, and wishes to outshine her two older sisters, Emilee (20) and Sara (22, who are both in college). Her father, Scott (40s) is pretty average and caring, but he’s oblivious to her actions at school. Her boyfriend, Sawyer, is good-looking and popular, but he’s also cruel and abusive to her, she stays with him for the purpose of appearances and because she’s too scared to break things off.
Personality- Dani is outgoing, but she has self-confidence issues. She wants to be in control of her life and the people in it, she’s stubborn and can be mean-spirited, though she’s not cliche evil. She keeps up a facade of perfection, good grades, popular boyfriend, but she has troubles just like anyone else.
Junior, 17 years old
Average-tall in height
Thin build
Overall preppy appearance, race is inconsequential

Aaron: (3)
Role- Main Character, Bystander
Home Life- Aaron is basically an average guy. His family is upper-middle class, his parents are still married, loving and supportive (John and Sabrina, late 30s, early 40s). He has a little brother, Nick (12) and a dog (to be determined later). He has a job to help pay for things he wants, but he always has what he needs.
Personality- Aaron is, again, pretty average. He does have a passion for football and he is a nice guy, he wants to do the right thing, but he doesn’t always have the courage to do it.He gets pretty good grades in school, doesn’t make trouble, and he’s got a sense of humor. He’s a bit of a goody-two-shoes. He has the intentions and the urge to defend the weak, but the story is about him getting the balls to do it.
Junior, 17 years old
Average-tall in height
Average-Slightly muscular build, not crazy buff
He’s pretty clean-cut, his hair doesn’t have to be short, but he’s well-put-together
Most likely Caucasian, but this not a requirement

Ava: (4)
Role- Main Character, Victim of Relational and Cyber Bullying
Home Life- Ava is new in town, and her parents recently went through a messy divorce. She’s staying with her father, Mike (early 40s), who is good-natured but not used to raising Ava and her little brother Finn (14) by himself, so Ava has to do lots of the cooking and motherly tasks. She was involved in a scandal at school which convinced Dani that Sawyer had cheated with her, so she gets relentlessly tormented via social media and rumors that ruin her reputation, even though this story isn’t true.
Personality- Ava is generally inclined to be outgoing, but the whole mess with Dani makes her stressed and paranoid, and her usual good humor isn’t evident unless she’s with friends. She gets a little beaten down over the course of the film, starting out with high hopes only to have them crash and slowly recover.
Junior- 16 years old (later birthday)
Thin-Average build
She’s stylish, but not extravagant
race is inconsequential

Jett: (5)
Role- Main Character, Physical Bully
Home Life- Jett’s home life is, to put it plainly, crappy. His parents are together, but they often violently argue, and abuse him and his younger sister, Georgie (9). Jett practically raises Georgie on his own, and he’s a good brother, despite everything he goes through and puts others through. He doesn’t like to be home, so he stays away from it as much as possible, preferably with Georgie.
Personality- Jett, at his core, is a good guy. But he has a quick temper, lots of stress and his outlet is beating people up. He wants to have as much power as he can in his life, since his parents make him feel small and inconsequential. He is ashamed of his actions for Georgie’s sake, but he doesn’t change his ways easily. He’s a bit of a Social Darwainist, and deludes himself into moralizing his actions.
Senior- 17 years old (he can’t wait to turn 18 and leave, but he has a late birthday)
Tall and bulky (as in muscular)
He is, in a word, menacing.
Caucasian (though this might be negotiable)

Maya: (6)
Role- Main Character, Victim of Verbal Bullying
Home Life- Maya comes from the type of family that’s very organic. They’re probably vegan, environmentally friendly, virtuous and they’re very kind and supportive. She has an older brother in college (in the Peace Corps), and a younger sister, Kaylee (12). Her family is pretty well-off.
Personality- Maya just doesn’t give a hoot about what you think (had to quote Weezer). At least, that’s what she wants people to think. She’s honest and straightforward. She doesn’t care about clothes, makeup or fashion trends, she listens to an odd assortment of musical artists, and she’s an artsy person herself, always experimenting. She’s outgoing and in-your-face, but the verbal bullying from Dani and her crew really gets to her for some reason. However, Maya is also the most likely to stand up for another person, and her growth in the film is living up to what she claims to be.
Junior- 17 years old
Maya’s appearance is probably the least specific. She could be any race, build or height. She just needs a natural air about her, an honest quality. As long as she exudes this quality, it doesn’t matter what she looks like.


We need all different types, just email me if you are interested and tell me what you do.


We still need a few houses and such, if you have something, please let me know!

OTHER COMPENSATION: Film credit, DVD copy, Meals, Snacks/beverages, Lodging, Transportation
AUDITION DATE: June 20, 2014


You have to request to be scheduled for an audition time slot on the 20th.
For the auditions you will need to be prepared to do cold reads and have a one-minute monologue prepared.