Casting, Crew and Location Call for Short Film “Shotgun” [New Orleans, LA] #casting #filmcrew #filmlocation

Posted August 11, 2019

PLOT SUMMARY: A Young man Named Zion when he was young he grew up with a traumatic past with an abusive father that killed his mother in cold blood in front of him, Then in the present that same young man inherits a Shot gun Home from his great Aunt and experiences that same abuse but from another young man who is his neighbor But this time the abuser doesn’t have the last word. (Short thriller about standing up to domestic abusive)
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Casting and Crew Call for Trailer “The Yearbook” [Lake Charles, LA] #casting #filmcrew

Posted March 13, 2019

SYNOPSIS: “The Yearbook” is an independent thriller about a group of teenagers who find themselves locked in their high school one night. Believing that one of their classmates may have dark intentions, they must figure out how to escape alive.
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Casting and Location Call for Short Film [New Orleans, LA] #casting #filmlocation

Posted January 15, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: Kate, a beautiful young woman celebrates her birthday that is unlike any birthday she’s ever had.
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Casting Call for Feature Film “The Epoch” [Louisiana, Dallas TX] #casting

Posted April 7, 2014

STATUS: Non-Union
CATEGORY: Feature Film
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Andreas Productions


The Epoch is a period piece set in the 1800’s. This story is a fictional Legend of Julia Lian, her family and friends. It takes place during hard slavery times in Brazil, times where England began to ban sale and kidnapping of Africans. The Lian family was one of the richest and with the highest influence in the Brazilian Economy next to its Emperor. The Epoch is a feature film and will start shooting in late spring 2015 in Louisiana. Currently, we are ranked in the top 50 on IMDB’s Most Popular Drama Feature Films Released In 2016 list and featured in the online magazine Max It Magazine.


Johann Lian
Male mid 30’s early 40s. Attractive, fair skinned, fine features, dark blue greenish eyes. Light brown hair, any shade of blond, or dark red. 5.10-6.2. Medium built or muscular. Mean, heartless, snobby, he is angry at his Mother for signing marriage contract for him. Thinks slaves are animals and Isabelle is a witch. He is always yelling at everyone. He is a bitter man. Married to Samantha Dias. Must be experienced and very comfortable riding a horse.

Samantha Dias Lian
14-16 female, Caucasian Brown long wavy hair, big brown eyes. Angelical features. Fair skinned. 5.0 -5.7 inches tall. Curvy, medium built. Sam is caring to all and tries to take care of the slaves on the down low. She hides her dolls, and is rebellious towards her Husband Johann. After Julia is born, her light is gone. She is only happy when Julia is around. Married to Johann. Daughter of Isabella and Samuel Dias.

Olga Child
8 female Caucasian Long dark wavy hair, deep blue eyes, beautiful. Adopted by Paula Devene at age 1, sweet, kind, and loyal. Typical little girl. Loves being with her Mother, Aunt and cousins John and Paul.

Olga Teenager/Adult
15,20,25 female Caucasian, tall, long dark wavy hair, deep blue eyes. Sassy as she gets older. Sees her world different than those around her. Knows she’s different from the other townspeople but doesn’t know why. Sweet, fun, playful as a teen, innocent. Must be experienced and very comfortable riding a horse.

Isabella Dias
30s female, Caucasian long brunette hair, brown eyes. Child like voice. Always whispering prayers under her breath. Drives Johann mad. What others think is very important to her as well as proper protocol. She’s Bossy/stern. Married Samual at 13. Fake sweet, mean girl kinda. Samantha’s Mom, married to Samuel Dias. Johann Lian’s Mother-in-law.

Johanna Lian
53-56 female, Caucasian blond, aristocratic, widow, dresses in Black. She thinks Johann is perfect in every way. She is irritated mostly with Ingrid. Her concerns are the family traditions, lineage and fortune and maintains it at all costs. Snobby, arrogant and cranky.

Anthony Child
5 – 6 male Caucasian blond, blue eyes, sweet face Curious little guy typical boy. He is always at Julia’s side. They are Best friends and cousins. Ingrid and Augustus’s son. Samantha’s nephew.

Anthony Pre-Teen
12 male Caucasian darker blond hair, blue eyes, cutie, soft spoken, very smart. Plays Dr. with his cat. Wants to be a Doctor. Very animated, sweet and kind. Misses his Aunt Samantha and baby cousin Julia.

Anthony Adult
25-30 male Caucasian Dark blond-Light brown hair, handsome. Very caring, is very much against slavery, educated in Europe-med school. Comes home to open clinics for the poor townspeople and slaves. Must be experienced and very comfortable riding a horse.

Samuel Dias
Late 60s male Caucasian well dressed, clean cut, tall, strawberry blond hair. Samantha’s Father, married to Isabella. Very Proper. Wants to make sure his family fortune is well taken care of.

Dr. Allan
50s-60s male Caucasian graying, mustache, short ,clean cut. Straight shooter. Has a sweet bedside manner, but is stern when it comes to dealing with Johann. serious but caring.

Dr. Jagado
40s male African/ dark skinned kind, educated, eager to learn so he can help his people. First Black doctor in Brazil. Must be experienced and very comfortable riding a horse.

16-23 male Caucasian dark eyes, dark fine hair, fair skin, fine features. Flirty, tenacious, prankster. Best friends with Anthony. Educated and works for his Father. Is very fond of Olga. He is a very good friend. Knows right off the bat that Olga is not one of the slave/towns people. Must be experienced and very comfortable riding a horse.

John child
9 male Caucasian light skin, dark brown hair, fun little boy. Knows Olga is not one of them. Falls for her and is not afraid to tell everyone he will marry her one day. Paula’s nephew, Maria’s son. ( Paul’s brother)

John Adult
26 male Caucasian light skin , dark brown hair, tall, muscular, handsome .Very kind and gentle. Takes care of Olga when her Mother dies. Must be experienced and very comfortable riding a horse.

Midwife 40s female Caucasian fair skinned, dark blond hair, hired as a midwife and babysitter to watch over Samantha and then Julia. She is very educated and kind mannered.

Empress Catherine Elaina
20s & 40s female Caucasian brown eyes and hair, 5’5ʺish, beautiful nice and loving. Mother of Princess Katarina, wife of Emperor Dom Paulo 2.

Emperor Dom Paulo I
Late 20s early 30s. Father of Dom Paulo II.

Emperor Dom Paulo II
6 male Caucasian blond, blue eyes.

Emperor Dom Paulo II
Late 20s male, Caucasian darker blond, blue eyes, skinny, Married to Empress Catherine Elaina, Father of Princess Katarina, ruler of Brazil

Female/male (reading the epoch book) 6-9 years old Hispanic, or mix race.

(French Speaking African) 40s male African, Dark skin, deep voice, muscular, menacing presence, field slave, Capt. Markus’s go to man. Speaks French but is from Africa. Must be experienced and very comfortable riding a horse.

(Portuguese Speaking African) 40s male African Dark Skinned, muscular, under 5’11ʺ, quiet strength , field slave, speaks Portuguese but is from Africa. Must be experienced and very comfortable riding a horse.

Captain Marcus
30s-40s male caucasian tall, muscular, scruffy beard and mustache, scars on his face and arms. Mean, obedient right hand man to Johann. He treats the slaves like animals and has little respect for anyone but Johann. Must be experienced and very comfortable riding a horse.

Mr. Martin
55-60 male Caucasian, upper class, mustache, looks older than his age, dresses very well, mean, snob, treated his slaves terrible. Married to Mrs. Martin. Father to Carl and Arthur. (this role will need a vary strong, dramatic actor)

Mrs. Silvia Martin
37 female Caucasian, daughter of 1st generation Portuguese immigrants. She is a snob and treats her servants like trash. Pretentious Mother of Carl and Arthur. Married to Mr. Martin.

Carl Martin
15 male Caucasian, blond, tall and thin dresses very well, teenager from hell. Total snob. Loyal to his Father. Cares deep down inside. Way deep. Total asshole. Thinks of slaves as trash. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Martin.

50s-60s male 5’5ʺ to 5’10ʺ, round, mustache, balding.

Aunt Maria
45 Caucasian female long straight dark hair, petite, exotic looking. Paula’s sister, John and Paul’s Mother, Olga’s Aunt. She is snippy about Olga and leaves abruptly when she finds out John has a crush on Olga. Angry at her sister.

15 & 20 female Brazilian/African, brown wavy hair, very petite, looks much younger, fine features. Fun-loving, knows in her heart that her best friend Olga is not like the rest of the townspeople. Very loyal to Olga and her mother.

Male African American, low deep voice.

Teens thru 30s, female African American, tall, beautiful, nurturing, soft spoken. Only slave that speaks African and English, house servant for the Lian Family, head of the female slaves. She is somewhat educated, runs the household and is respected by the family and the other slaves. Speaks French, African dialect and English.

OTHER COMPENSATION: Film credit, Meals, Snacks/beverages, Lodging, Transportation
SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: April 28, 2014
SUBMISSIONS TO INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume, Demo reel file, Demo reel link
AUDITION DATE: May 4, 2014
AUDITION LOCATION: Invitation only


– Auditions are by appointment only. No walk ins will be allowed to audition or submit for auditions.
– Submission details are listed below. Please keep in mind, following the submission instructions is the first step to receiving an audition time invitation. Casting directors will review all submissions and email invitations to those prospective actors that fit the vision for the appropriate character. Audition times and confidentiality agreements will be sent out before sides are released.
– Everyone auditioning should be OFF BOOK for their audition.
– No accents are required at this time.
– Extras and most featured rolls will be cast locally closer to shoot date.
– Auditions will be held in the Dallas area.
– If you are out of state or booked already for May 4th, please let casting know so they can send you video submission information.
– Production and casting are really excited to see your submissions and auditions.

The Epoch Producers & LoneStar Management Group

Please email the following:
– current resume
– your IMDB link
– Demo reel if you have one and if not visible on IMDb
– Headshot and second photo of choice
– Email to: Subject Line: Character / your name

Casting and Crew Call for Feature Film “Dolly” [New Iberia, LA] #casting #crewcall

Dolly Principal Photograpy June 2013

STATUS: Non-Union
CATEGORY: Feature Film
DISTRIBUTION: Festival circuit
PRODUCER: Sheree Bandukwala
WRITER: Sheree Bandukwala
DIRECTOR: Sheree Bandukwala
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Rudimentary Images
SHOOTING LOCATION: New Iberia, Louisiana


A paranormal thriller set in southern Louisiana. Nanette, a child bride of the early 20th century is spurned by her husband who takes on her older sister as his lover and mistress of his home. Nanette dies a young, angry, jealous untouched bride. Her unsettled spirit cannot rest and possesses her childhood doll named Dolly. Nanette seeks revenge on the unsuspecting household where Dolly resides.


Allison: Lead role female, age 35-45. Experience great, but not required. Allison is the mother of a 14 year old, married and recently relocated to her husband, Jessie’s dead mother’s home. They live with his mentally disturbed sister, Lisa diagnosed as schizophrenic.

Joseph: Minor speaking role, age 50-80. Experience great, but not required. Joseph is an elderly man that tries to perform an exorcism on the possessed 14 year old daughter.

Please forward headshot (Does not need to be professional) and/or resume to:

Checkout our website and our facebook page for more details.


Unit Production Manager Asst.
Director of Photography
DOP Asst.
Assistant Director 2
Script Continuity/Supervisor
Camera Assist.
Lead Grip
Lighting Director
Lead Gaffer
Audio Technician
Director Village Technician
Production Assistants
Set Dressing and Props
Wardrobe and Make-up
Craft Services
Music Composition & Sound Effects
Public Relations & Marketing

OTHER COMPENSATION: Film credit, DVD copy, Meals, Snacks/beverages, Lodging
SPECIAL NOTES FOR AUDITION: Notification of auditions TBA.
OTHER NOTES: Lodging will be provided in my home and only for key cast and crew.

Open Casting Call for Feature Film “Playing the Field”

Open Casting Call for Feature Film “Playing the Field” starring Gerald Butler, Uma Thurman, Jessica Biel, and Noah Lomax. Principal photography begins March 28, 2011 in Shreveport, Louisiana and will continue through May 20, 2011.

Source: Creative Commons

Seeking people of all ages and ethnicities. These are paid positions and there are no fees to be cast.

Open casting calls are scheduled for Saturday, March 12, 2011.

For more details, visit Alan Baltes’ Open Casting Calls Blog: