Casting Call for Short Film “inStruct” [Boynton Beach, FL] #casting

Posted January 9, 2019

PLOT SUMMARY: Blaise is a student who, in hopes of escaping his outside life, is temporarily living inside his school since he started there. While in there, a girl catches his eyes and their relationship suggest that Blaise might escape from the struggles of his vicious life. But first he needs to find why students are jumping — or being pushed — to their deaths from the second floor railings.
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Casting and Location Call for Short Film “Totally Baked” [Boynton Beach, FL] #casting #filmlocation

Posted June 18, 2018

PLOT SUMMARY: Two teens bring up the idea to make drugs to sell. They set up their lab under a bridge near a train station. When a buyer gets too close, he turns the two cooks against each other and enslaves them. Later on the two learn that making drugs is a fast way to earn money, but it can put you away for a long time.
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Casting Call for Short Film “The Exchange 2: Payback” [Boynton Beach, FL] #casting

Posted March 31, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: After the unsuccessful deal with the gangsters, Ben and Chip-God chilling front of the Xbox, when a voicemail comes, and a mysterious girl calls, to offer a professional deal-setup.

The team finds themselves in big trouble, after the “obviously-not-dead gangster” returns, and try to kill them. And the bodyguard? Where is he?! Because he isn’t dead either!

Watch the first part:
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