Casting Call for Short Film “Meeting a Monster” [Atlanta, GA] #casting

Posted November 4, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: Meeting a Monster is a short virtual reality film exploring the mind of a former white supremacist named Angela King. The film is set in the early ‘90s in a small rural town. The film follows Angela, a pudgy, awkward teenager who is trying to find her place in a town where she doesn’t truly fit in. Living in a challenging home environment and enduring a relentless stream of bullying, Angela eventually joins a group of young punks involved in the white power movement, giving her a sense of power she has never felt before. Through the VR experience, the viewer watches Angela rise and fall in the movement and eventually, her decision to ultimately leave the movement. After her departure, the viewer is left wondering if individuals have the capacity to change and if life truly is possible after hate. The film is based on real-life interviews with Angela King, a former white supremacist who is currently working with the organization Life After Hate, using her voice to get people out of the movement. The film will blend documentary interviews of Angela King with narrative dramatizations by actors. The final product will be viewed as a 360-video virtual reality experience, providing a total immersive environment for the viewer which will be pitched to Sundance, Tribeca, Sheffield Doc Fest and other film festivals focused on new media. The film is supported by Oculus’ VR for Good program.

TITLE: Meeting a Monster
TYPE: Independent Film
CATEGORY: Short Film
DISTRIBUTION: Film Festivals
NOTES: This is a virtual reality film.

DATE: November 30, December 1 and December 2 (2017)
LOCATION: Atlanta, Georgia

Angela – lead role – a young, pudgy awkward girl in her early/mid teens (age 13 -18) with red hair with bangs in the front. After being bullied in the film, Angela becomes the bully by joining a white supremacist group. The actor needs to be both timid and angry and insecure and powerful and show a complex range of emotions. The actor will also need to indicate if she will be willing to change her hair for the production. $400/day (3 days)

Angela’s mother – 40s/50s, caucasian, slightly overweight – ½ day of filming – $100 (Film Date: November 30)

Angela’s father – 40s/50s, caucasian, slightly overweight – ½ day of filming – $100 (Film Date: November 30)

Prison friend – 30s/40s, African American woman – ½ day of filming – $100 (Film Date: December 1)

High School Extras (8-12 actors) ages 14 – 20, looking for mostly caucasian actors. ½ day of filming – $50/actor (Film Date: December 2)

PAY: Paid
OTHER: Film Credit, Meals, Snacks/Beverages

TYPE: By Appointment Only
DATE: November 13, 2017
BRING: Headshot, Resume

SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: November 14, 2017
INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume

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