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Posted April 24, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: ASUNDER THE SERIES is a soap opera web series that follows the affluent, yet dysfunctional Chandler family, who owns Chandler Parfums and Cosmetics Corporation in New York City. CEO and CFO Thomas and Adele Chandler are always trying to stay one step ahead of their arch enemies the Blair family, who own Blair Natural Fragrances Ltd. Thomas and Adele are juggling being head of a fragrance empire, all while trying to train their children to eventually take over the business one day. Their middle son Xavier struggles with his bisexuality, oldest daughter Kamryn and her husband Elijah are dealing with infertility, and their youngest daughter Khloe is hiding her secret relationship with the Blair’s youngest son Dallas. The Chandlers will deal with a series of scandals, lies, and betrayals that will rock the Big Apple to its very core.

TITLE: Asunder The Series
TYPE: Independent Film
CATEGORY: Web Series

COMPANY: Six Feet High Productions
TWITTER: @asunderseries

DIRECTOR: Landra V. Phillips
WRITER: Landra V. Phillips
PRODUCER: Landra V. Phillips, Dwayne Parker, Vernard Pelage, Terrence Shingler, and Demaria Anissa
CASTING: Six Feet High Productions, LLC

DATE: Production begins August 26, 2017
LOCATION: New York, New York; Brooklyn, New York

DATE: July 2017 Date TBD
LOCATION: New York, New York

Adele Chandler- African American Female, 50’s-60’s. The affluent yet sassy matriarch of the Chandler family, she is the Chief Financial Officer of Chandler Parfums and Cosmetics Corporation. She adores her three adult children, and is currently at a rocky point in her marriage with her husband Thomas.

Xavier Chandler- African American Male, 30. The business minded middle son of Thomas and Adele Chandler, Xavier works directly with his father and is the CEO in training of Chandler Parfums and Cosmetics Corporation. Struggling with his bisexuality, Xavier has not disclosed his sordid lifestyle to his parents or his sisters, as he feels they will be truly disappointed in him.

Khloe Chandler- African American Female, 25. Khole is the youngest child of Thomas and Adele Chandler, and works in marketing and public relations at her parents company, Chandler Parfum and Cosmetics Corporation. Spunky, creative, and outgoing, Khole has been hiding a secret from her family for the past two years; she has been in a serious relationship with Dallas Blair, the son of her families arch enemy and fragrance company rival.

Dionne Blair- Caucasian Female, 50’s-60’s. Dionne is the sophisticated yet elusive matriarch of the Blair family. She is the Chief Business Officer of Blair Natural Fragrances Ltd. and has been bitter rivals with Adele Thomas since high school. Despite the ups and downs in her marriage to Austin Blair, Dionne never lets the public see her sweat.

Dallas Blair- Biracial Male, 25. Dallas is the youngest son of Austin and Dionne Blair, and is the Chief Brand Officer at Blair Natural Fragrances Ltd. The rational one in the family with a passionate moral compass, Dallas has been in a secret relationship for the past two years with Khloe Chandler, the daughter of his families fragrance company rival.

Dante Blair-Biracial Male, 28-32. Dante is the oldest son of Austin and Dionne Blair. Outspoken with book smarts and street smarts, Dante is the Chief Accounting Officer at Blair Natural Fragrances Ltd. Dante is married to his college sweetheart Piper, but after several years of marriage, their relationship is beginning to change.

Victor King- African American Male, 30-45. Victor King is the personal chef of Thomas and Adele Chandler and prepares meals at the Chandler Estate on a daily basis. Having studied culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, Victor is a true connoisseur of all things food. Loyal, hard working, and passionate, Victor has been able to become successful in his craft, despite being raised in the projects in South Jamaica Queens.

Tristan Smith- African American or Caucasian Male, 22-32. Tristan Smith is the trustworthy, creative, passionate secret lover of Xavier Chandler. As a junior executive at a top New York City advertising firm, Tristan believes in transparency, and is ready to go public with his relationship with Xavier.

Aisha Smallwood- African American or Biracial Female, 28-35. Aisha is a beautiful, bright, and energetic Democratic politician who is running for City Council in District 4 in Manhattan against Republican incumbent Barbara Bullock. Longing to make a difference in the city, Aisha also longs to be in a committed relationship with a successful man.

Marcus Michaelson- African American or Afro-Latino Male, 30-45. Marcus is an old street wise, acquaintance of Victor King from his old neighborhood in South Side Jamaica, Queens. Marcus has lost touch with Victor, but unique circumstances will reunite them. Loyalty is not Victor’s strong suit, and he is always putting himself first above and beyond anyone else.

Alonso Manuel- Latino Male, 30-45. Alonso is the grounds keeper at the Blair Family Estate. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Alonso’s family migrated to New York City to give their children a better life. Alonso is loyal, upbeat, and always willing to serve.

Evan Ross- African American Male, 50’s-60’s. Evan Ross is the father of Elijah Ross, and a well respected plastic surgeon in Southern New Jersey. Elijah is his only child, and he would do anything to protect him.

Monica Ross- African American Female, 50’s-60’s. Monica Ross is the wife of Evan Ross and doting mother of Elijah Ross. A well respected Registered Nurse, Monica works in her husband’s very lucrative and successful plastic surgery practice in Southern New Jersey.

Hair/Make-Up Artist- Upscale characters that always have hair and make-up done. Rate negotiable.

Productions Assistants-Able to take direction and open to take on an array of responsibilities. No experience necessary. Must have a car and active driver’s license. Small stipend available.

PAY: Deferred
OTHER: Film Credit, Meals, Snacks/Beverages
NOTES: Transportation Stipend given

INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume, Reel link

INCLUDE: Reel link

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