Casting Call for Short Film “Let’s Get You Famous” [Milwaukee, WI] #casting

Posted September 23, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: Reeling from the death of his godfather and coping with the fact that the love of his life has been secretly engaged to another man, Alex Wilde leaves the Midwest to team up with a disgraced supermodel to help her reclaim her fame and find some of his own.
TITLE: Let’s Get You Famous
TYPE: Independent Film
CATEGORY: Short Film

DIRECTOR: Michael Sapieja
CASTING: Calli Cragoe

DATES: 3 weekends from Oct.-Dec. 2016, 1 week in Jan. 2017
LOCATION: Milwaukee, WI

Jessica Miller (19-28) (slender, dark hair, petite): An up-and-coming supermodel in the LA fashion scene, recently disgraced and made unemployable by a sex tape scandal. Now, she’ll do anything to reclaim her fame and get back at those who ruined her career.

Alex Wilde (25-29) (lean, toned, tattoos a plus): His godfather is dead. The love of his life is cheating on him. Aimless and tired of the Midwest and the people in it, he follows his Uncle Charlie’s final words of advice: go to California.

Felix Riley (30-55) (heavy-set, gruff but friendly, balding): A pretty nice guy…until he isn’t. With Felix – a seasoned producer of adult films who moonlights as a drug dealer – business comes first. Friendship is nice, but not a necessity.

Steve (24-30) (tall): Alex’s charmingly playful cousin (and kind of his best friend). Subtly sarcastic, but thoughtful.

Uncle Charlie (45-65) (older, leathery, pot-bellied): Not the best guy in the world. A womanizer. A guido. But genuinely loved everyone he ever met.

Sadie (22-29) (can switch between an inviting smile and a scowl effortlessly): The love of Alex’s life…and also a lying asshole. She’s been engaged to another man throughout her entire relationship with Alex, and wishes she could feel guilty about it…kind of.

John (30-35) (beefy, perfect smile, classically handsome): Sadie’s punch-ably perfect fiancé. The worst part is is that he’s a genuinely good, friendly dude who probably deserves way better than her.

Jordan Belle & Laney King (18-45) (any phys appearance): The presenters of this years “Male Performer of the Year”adult film award, these charming ladies are seasoned pros but are still excited to be performing fully clothed for a change.

PAY: Paid

TYPE: By Appointment Only
DATE/TIME: October 1st and 2nd, 2016 11AM-6PM
LOCATION: Milwaukee, WI

INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume

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