Casting Call for Short Film “Priceless” [Atlanta, GA] #casting

Posted September 2, 2016

LOGLINE: A reckless risk taker endures the ultimate risk to save his family.

SYNOPSIS: ROBERT HARRIS is an impatient businessman who tries to take the short cuts to success. His short sighted business risks land Robert, his wife SONYA and their children RAVEN and RJ into financial ruin. Robert has worn out his welcome among family and friends and his next investment leaves him penniless. On the brink of his son’s terminal illness, Robert cooks up a master plan in which takes the ultimate risk in order to make amends with his family and friends, and save his son’s life.

TITLE: Priceless
TYPE: Independent Film
CATEGORY: Short Film
DISTRIBUTION: Film Festivals

COMPANY: GoldsberryMedia ; Losers Studio

DIRECTOR: Jarvis Jones
WRITERS: Jarvis Jones; Anthony Barnes
PRODUCER: LeCreshia Goldsberry
CASTING: LeCreshia Goldsberry

DATES: End of October, Start of November 2016

ROBERT HARRIS – a 44 year old, African American, smart, fun loving devoted father. He has the gift to gab with good intentions. He is a short-sighted man who always puts in the forefront that everything is great during times of chaos. He’s on his last leg with everyone and is desperate to fix his problems. He usually dresses well, but due to lack of funds he cleans up nice in old clothes. [Central Character]

SONYA HARRIS – a 40 year old, reserved African American woman. Sonya is beautiful but aged from stress of nomadic life and caring for a sickly son. She believes in her husband as a provider, but is losing faith due to his bad habits. She is organized, submissive and a pragmatic mother that will take charge in times of dire need. She loves her family and would give her last for everyone. [Robert’s wife]

RICHARD HARRIS – a 67 year old, African American, distinguished retiree with a lot of vigor. He is a straight shooter and the backbone of the family. Richard is a man of few words but will get his point across when necessary. [Robert’s father]

VANESSA HARRIS – a 65 year old, African American, attractive woman with a great attitude. She is the caregiver of the family with strong Christian faith. She is a dependable cornerstone of the family that is overprotective of her children, grandchildren, and family. She has a positive outlook on life. [Robert’s mother, Richard’s wife].

RAVEN HARRIS – a cute 12 year old, African American, strong willed, blunt and rebellious. Raven loves wholeheartedly, especially her ill little brother, RJ. She is equipped to handle some adult task and even some adults. However she is very well manner, but is embarrassed by her father’s misfortunes. [Daughter of Robert and Sonya]

RJ HARRIS – a cute 8 year old, African American, who is sickly. He is a good spirited kid that has good and bad days due to his health.

RONALD HARRIS – a 40 year old, African American, conservative in attitude and in dress. He is a reluctant fighter who has made a success of himself. He is more laid back and passive. He is all about helping his family and would like to see through his brother antics, but still supports him no matter what. [Younger brother of Robert]

DR. KAWLI MUTUMBO – a 66 year old, African American, slim, intellectual, and logical doctor. He is quick on his feet and methodical.

DR. GRAYSON – a 46 year old, well dress clean cut doctor that goes the extra mile. Straight shooter and stern.

CHUCK – a 44 year old, frumpy, sketchy man who is an old friend of Robert.

DEBORAH CALDWELL – a 77 year old, high spirited woman who has an upbeat cheerful personality.

PAY: Non-paid
OTHER: Film Credit, Copy of Film, Meals, Snacks/Beverages

TYPE: By Appointment Only
DATE/TIME: September 10th 2016 11am – 3pm
BRING: Headshot, Resume
NOTES: Video auditions accepted.

SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: September 10th 2016
INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume

LeCreshia Goldsberry

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