Casting and Crew Call for Television Pilot “Origins” [Los Angeles, CA] #casting #filmcrew

Posted May 18, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: Planets and Time collide, as unsuspecting individuals from earth encounter what they soon learn are their own descendants from many years in the future who live on yet a different planet. Will the evil forces at play destroy the time and history of America and Earth, or will modern day men take up the charge, find their inner super-hero, and fight for not only their own family, but for their past, present, and future, as well as their own planet Earth, and the planet their ancestors will one day inhabit?

Super-hero style psychological dramatic thriller. (Some roles have been filled, but negotiations may require re-casting, and thus all roles are open for audition purposes.)

TITLE: Origins
TYPE: Student Film
CATEGORY: Television Pilot
DISTRIBUTION: Internet, Being considered by a major studio as well.

COMPANY: Actors Coalition Network of Los Angeles

PRODUCER: To Be Determined

DATE: August/September 2016
LOCATION: To Be Decided

Prince Gaster La Croix

Gaster, the son of King Maven, the great-grandson of Lance La Croix, and soon to be King of Planet Metis, is a physically fit, emotionally charged, and morally focused young Caucasian man approximately twenty years of age ( 18 – 25). He is not a politician, and has little respect or value for the bureaucracy or bureaucratic establishment of any governmental system, he is a man of the people. He genuinely cares about those he serves, and does see his position in life as one of service, not one of prestige or privilege. For Gaster, the transformation of people’s lives and histories without their choice or involvement is something that is never to be approved or accepted. Regardless of whether it cost him his life or not, Gaster will do whatever is required to save the people, the kingdom, and the history that his father and his family has created; even to the extent of bowing before the leadership and governmental systems of another time and planet to do so. Must be physically appealing, able to move well, acrobatic and or sword handling skills a plus. Little to no body or facial hair.

Angel Rekk

Angel Rekk of Metis, or Rekk as he is called, is the sole remaining male of his supernatural species from the planet Metis. A man who dedicated himself to the La Croix Leadership under the first La Croix King of Metis, Lance La Croix, and stood by the side of each subsequent La Croix King until now, has reached his final bending point. Time and again, he has been promised the opportunity to repopulate his own species on Metis, but has been forbidden to do so as the three Kings of the La Croix leadership have failed to give him leave from his position as Viceroy. Now, furious that Tarek Quandry was not named the new King of Metis ending his contract with the La Croix’s, and convinced that the new La Croix King, Gaster, will only repeat the same behavior as his predecessors, Rekk has turned against the La Croix family, and utilizing Tarek as his puppet, has traveled back into time to the La Croix and Quandry originating planet, Earth, to destroy any and all signs of the La Croix family, and thus the La Croix Empire, believing that this will change the course of history itself, and return his people to him on his own planet. Angel Rekk is a strong physically fit Caucasian man approximately 20-25 years of age. He possesses great agility and has little to no body or facial hair.

Tarek Quandry

Tarek Quandry, the great-grandson of Nicholas Quandry the adoptive brother of Lance La Croix, is refused what he believes as his rightful place as the new King of Metis when Maven La Croix dies. Instead, named the new Viceroy to the new King of Metis, Gaster La Croix, Tarek finds himself at extreme odds with what is right and what is wrong with the leadership and empire of the La Croix Dynasty. Now, encouraged by the former Viceroy of Metis, Angel Rekk, he has agreed to travel through time and space to his own forefather, Nicholas Quandry, in hopes of leading him to the eventual leadership and lordship of planet Metis instead of the La Croix’s, and earning back what he believes is his rightful inheritance and place as leader of the Quandry fortune; Lance La Croix after all was adopted by the Quandry family, not the other way around. Now, Tarek will stop at nothing to place himself on the throne of Metis and rid history itself of the La Croix name. Tarek is an extremely fit and good looking Caucasian male 18-24 years of age, who possesses great agility. Little to no body or facial hair.

Lance La Croix/Revenant

Lance La Croix, the great-grandfather of Gaster La Croix – though he does not know this for some time, is a man dealing with extreme loss. Having lost his own parents at a very young age and having been adopted by the Quandry family, Lance has just lost his adoptive father as well, the last of his family members outside of his adoptive brother Nicholas Quandry. Perplexed by the decisions made by his adopted father, Lance now finds himself the sole inheritor of the entire Quandry fortune, which is quite vast, and at extreme odds with his adoptive brother as a result. To add to the difficulties and confusion thrust upon him, Lance has just witnessed his adoptive brother kidnapped by a strange man who appeared from nowhere and disappeared the same way, taking his brother and another man with him. Now, meeting yet another man calling himself Gaster and claiming to be from another planet in another time, Lance must learn quickly, assimilate to the world that he has been thrust into, and thrive in the process, or saving his brother, himself, his own history, and yes, even his own planet may be something his is unable to do. If there is hope to accomplish such an incomprehensible task, Lance must assume a new identity, Revenant, but this in itself could cost him all. Lance is an extremely fit and good looking Caucasian man 20 – 26 years of age. He possesses great agility, acrobatic skills and sword handling skills very helpful. Little to no body or facial hair.

Ty Carson/Rook

Ty Carson, a young Olympic triathlete and gymnast comes into the life and history of Lance La Croix quite by accident. Simply out hiking one day, attempting to relax from his normal rigorous Olympic training schedule, Ty comes across a bloody fist fight by two men, Nicholas Quandry and Travis Walker against one man, Lance La Croix. Realizing the real danger that is present, Ty steps into to assist Lance, and hopefully end the insanity he is witnessing before it is too late. This, unfortunately thrusts him into a world of danger that he never intended to be a part of, and necessitates the immediate friendship between himself and Lance La Croix. Now, caught in the insanity that has been thrust upon Lance by beings from another planet and another time in history, Ty finds himself an integral part of Earth’s history, and that of Planet Metis. Knowing that he must be the all-around man in the midst of this game for the salvation of his own time and planet, he assumes a new name as he takes his place with Revenant as Rook. Rook is an extremely good looking and muscular young Caucasian man 18-22 years of age. He possesses acrobatic skills, is able to move quickly, and charms the ladies. Little to no body or facial hair.

Nicholas Quandry/Checkmate

Feeling as though he has had his natural inheritance stolen from him by his adoptive brother, Nicholas Quandry finds himself plotting to destroy Lance La Croix with his best friend Travis Walker; that is until a stranger from another planet and time takes them both from the midst of a battle to an unknown place. There, this mysterious man, along with a magician of the sorts, Rekk, transform him into Checkmate, and train him in martial arts combat to prepare him for the re-match that will change the history he so longs did not exist. What Nicholas does not know though is that he is not in charge of his own destiny, he is being used by another, Tarek, to accomplish a goal with far greater outcomes than he could ever imagine. Nicholas is a an extremely good looking Caucasian or Latin man 18 – 23 years of age with an excellent physique, and martial arts training. Little to no body or facial hair.

Travis Walker/Left Eye

Small time gangster thug and drug dealer friend of Nicholas Quandry’s, Travis Walker is a man of very questionable morals and actions. Enjoying the unexpected squabble and the opportunity to prove his prowess as a man bringing fear to those he delivers a beating to, Travis meets his match with Ty Carson, and soon finds his life forever changed. Livid at the loss of his left eye, Travis, now calling himself Left Eye, and wearing a strange apparatus that gives him the ability to see for miles as well as shoot laser fire from his mind at his enemy, Left Eye joins in the battle to destroy others with desires of his own to overrun the planet and make of himself the most powerful warlord in history. Travis is a good looking Latin or Ethnic male with a strong physique and the ability to move well. Little to no body or facial hair, 18-25 years of age.

Nigel Turlock/Titan

Nigel Turlock, best friend of Dr. John Langley, is a super-sleuth detective in the Los Angeles area. He has accidentally been infected with an alien life form that John has yet to identify, that seems to hold control over him every time he loses his temper. This strange and as yet identify infection literally transforms his body and his demeanor, turning his skin blue, protruding horns from his skull, and causing him to be violent and deadly to those whom he attacks. Somehow, though he does not seem to remember any of the experiences he encounters as the beast John has come to call Titan, there is a protective side of this creature that defends those who cannot defend themselves. As he slowly comes into a symbiotic relationship with this contagion that transforms him, Dr. John Langley, along with the help of his counterpart Dr. Arthur Lordston, study the effects of different drug regiments that they develop to help Nigel overcome, or at least control, this demon inside himself. Pulled from his own existence by the magical powers of the Oracle Jinn, Nigel is determined to find a way to use this transforming ability, and the beast within himself, to save the Earth and its history from the evil schemes of Angel Rekk and Tarek. Nigel is an extremely good looking and muscular Caucasian or Latin man 20-25 years of age. He has little to no body or facial hair, and has strong physical abilities.

Dr. John Langley

Brilliant young genius Dr. John Langley, the protégé of Dr. Arthur Lordston and best friend of Nigel Turlock, is a surgeon in one of the most prestigious hospitals in Los Angeles. Where he does not practice at the hospital very often due to his obsession with helping Nigel find a cure for the infection he has that changes him from a man into a beast, John does have access to some of the most up to date and cutting edge technology known to the medical world. With the help of his mentor, scientist and inventor Dr. Arthur Lordston, John has dedicated his life – if need be – to assisting Nigel in controlling the beast inside him, if not ridding him of it. It is one night after one of Nigel’s more bloody attacks on the criminals of Los Angeles, while attempting to mix a new concoction to assist Nigel, that he is pulled through some sort of wormhole into the life of Lance La Croix and the nightmare he now finds himself in. Now, while attempting to assist Nigel will never change for him, his abilities and intellect will be put to the test time and time again as he joins this team of time traveling avengers in stopping the destruction of Earth’s history, and as a result her people. John is a good looking young Caucasian man 18-22 years of age with little to no facial or body hair.

Dr. Arthur Lordston

Older, some would say wiser; others would say more antagonistic, Dr. Arthur Lordston is both a world renown scientist and inventor. One of the wealthiest men on the face of the earth today, Arthur is no fan of people in general, and finding that a team of evil doers from another planet and another time are attempting to hold what little bit he holds dear on this earth hostage in an attempt to change the history of their own time and planet, both intrigues and enrages him. Not one to join the battle in person, Arthur holds down the home base of the La Croix leadership team calling themselves the Origins Team and creates new and unique tools and weaponry for their survival. Arthur does have a secret to protect however, regardless of his apparent arrogant demeanor against the pretentiousness of the world, he does truly care about others, and if the time arises when it is required, he will dawn abilities and talents no other person in the group is aware of to attack in battle as well. Arthur is both the father-figure, and support system of all involved in the Origins Team, and this is a task and role that he takes quite seriously, seriously enough to die for if need be. Arthur is a very distinguished and professional looking Caucasian man 40-50 years of age with little to no facial or body hair.

Oracle Jinn

The trickster and somewhat comical Oracle Jinn, oracle of both space and time, is summoned by Lance La Croix when he learns the power of the mighty scepter of Metis. Jinn becomes the magical replacement of Angel Rekk, being from the same planet, Metis, as Rekk is, and also being the last of his own kind and species from this planet. Both bringing a since of comic relief to the group as well as a good deal of danger, being that he has feeling of his own bent on revenge, but of the Quandry’s not the La Croix’s, Jinn is a powerful addition to the team, as well as a unique challenge. Jinn may obey and report to Lance, but when Lance is not specific enough that Jinn is able to purposefully mis-interpret Lance’s plans and orders, Jinn takes things into his own hands like a spoiled child looking for a loop-hole to do as he pleases through. Jinn is a very muscular young man 18-24 years of age, Latin, Caucasian, or Ethnic descent. He has little to no facial or body hair, and is very agile.

Michael England/NATO

Super genius historian and nephew to Arthur Lordston, Michael England is both brains and unsuspecting braun. With the ability to make women swoon and men impressed, Michael is a spoiled and self-indulgent young man with a passion for life and a pension for battle. Michael has aspirations of one day working for a world government leadership organization that can change the world for the better, but accidentally caught up in the wormhole that takes his uncle to the middle of an inter-stellar battle fulfills far more aspirations than even he ever thought he could have. Now, he must work with Rook to learn the subtleties of hand to hand combat, be trusted by his overly protective uncle to utilize new battle gear that has not been tested in the field, and grow into a man that will make a significant difference for all who live, even at the cost of his own life, should it come to that. Now, taking the name NATO, this truly unsuspecting hero is challenged to put aside all of his juvenile mannerisms – well most of them – to fight for something far greater than himself, humanity. Michael is an extremely good looking Caucasian or Ethnic man 18-22 years of age with a strong appearance, great sex appeal, stunning physique, and little to no facial or body hair.

Calvin La Croix/Crocket

Calvin La Croix, and ancient ancestor of Lance La Croix, is found in the middle of the American Indian wars when Angel Rekk takes his battle of destruction to the originating member of the La Croix family. Calvin, unaware (at least at first) of his great importance to the La Croix dynasty or the earth as is currently known, finds himself dealing with men from other planets and times, while grieving the loss of his own father, and dealing with warring Indians just down the river from himself. Little does he know that its not just the Indians that want him dead, it is also Angel Rekk and his band of evil doers. Something that he only learns after thinking that Revenant and Rook want him dead as well. A survivor who seems more lost in the insanity of these tense times, Calvin eventually will be pulled through time as well to be a part of the Origin force determined to save the world. Calvin is a very strong, good looking, Caucasian man 20-25 years of age, with a great physique, athletic skills, and seemingly good with guns. He has little to no facial or body hair.

Chesed (Evil Destroyer)

Chesed (Che-said) is a very strong and violent man, an expert archer who handles a knife quite well also, Chesed is somehow taken by Angel Rekk during the battle involving Calvin La Croix. Chesed, the man who killed Calvin’s father, has a destiny to also kill Calvin, which makes him perfect for Angel Rekk’s band of evil doers. He has a powerful and arrogant directness that is both appreciated and hated by those within his unwanted team of evil doers, but his abilities and resourcefulness is something none of them can overlook or ignore. Chesed is a very strong and good looking Latin or Ethnic looking man with a powerful physique, little to no facial or body hair, and a chiseled body, 18 – 25 years of age.

Camera Operator
Lighting Person(s)
Sound Engineer(s)
Best Boy(s)

PAY: Non-paid
OTHER: Film Credit, Copy of Film, Snacks/Beverages
NOTES: This project is currently being considered by a major studio in Los Angeles as a possible episodic and or web series. If picked up by, pay and contracts will be negotiated at that time.

TYPE: By Appointment Only
DATE/TIME: July 11, 2016
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
BRING: Headshot, Resume
NOTES: No sides will be provided as project is still under N.D.A. All perspective actors will audition with a short cold read we will provide for them at the time of the audition.

INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume, Regular photo okay
NOTES: Body shots (no nudes) would be appreciated. MUST SUBMIT FACE AND BODY PHOTOS AS WELL AS RESUME.

INCLUDE: Resume, Reel file, Reel link
NOTES: Extensive experience not required, but appreciated. Those with own equipment also appreciated but not required.

All persons accepted to be a part of this project will need to affiliate themselves with the Actors Coalition Network of Los Angeles as well. There is no fee for doing so.

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