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Posted September 14, 2015

PLOT SUMMARY: Based on a true story, and set in late 1990 against the backdrop of the first gulf war, An American in Texas is the story of lifelong friends as they reach the cusp of adulthood and must decide between the hollow values of corporate war mongering and careerism; or the narrow way of individualism and freedom. A story of youth’s desire to carve out a destiny free from the constraints of conformity and marketed patriotism.

TITLE: An American in Texas
TYPE: Independent Film
CATEGORY: Feature Film
NOTES: Coming of Age

COMPANY: Film Exchange

DIRECTORS: Anthony Pedone, Stephen Floyd
WRITERS: Anthony Pedone, Stephen Floyd
PRODUCERS: Darko Lugulov, Anthony Pedone, Christian Sosa, Bianca Butti

DATES: Nov. 13 – Dec 20, 2015
LOCATIONS: Victoria, Port Lavaca, Corpus Christi, Texas

*Earl Doonan (2 weeks)

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: Age mid to late 50’s- Caucasian. Earl is a life long plant man. The shareholders and executive staff love Earl, because he understands slant drilling and oil refining. He brings his knowledge of these technologies to Victoria, and is in charge converting the plastics division of Formosa into a large gasoline refinery that will churn Texas crude oil into gasoline. Earl’s wife. Mandy, is dying from cancer, and he is struggling with an attraction to his stepdaughter, Kara. He is hungry for power and is driven, psychologically, by the oncoming war, the money that comes with this new promotion and he relishes the idea of fresh start of a new town.

*Larry Korchinsky (3 days)

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: Caucasian 65+ years old. Larry is a stoic, blue-collar worker. He is haggard from hard, honest work. Larry came to work for Formosa immediately after World War II, and worked his way up from the oil fields in West Texas until he was brought to Victoria to run the plant at the age of 42. He was the youngest plant manager in the country, and has run the plant without an accident throughout his career- a major achievement. When the grandson is killed in a training exercise as America preps for Desert Storm, Larry begins to question his country, his God, his past and his purpose at the plant.

*Albert Vllarreal (1 week)

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: Latino Mid 40’s / early 50’s, Father of Paul. Albert is a 20 year man at the plant. Having worked his way up from the bottom, Albert feels his time has come to take over as plant manager, as Korchinsky makes his way out. Albert’s dream is the American dream sh he is blindsided when he finds his new promotion will not be to the plant manager as Earl Doonan makes his way to the helm. Instead Albert’s job and Albert will be moved to China as the plant shuts down the plastic division to focus on refining the crude pumped from the hallowed ground of Texas.

*Madeline Korchinsky (3 days)

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: Caucasian 65+ years old. Wife to Larry, the only man a war ever gave back to her. She has spent her life as a faithful, God fearing housewife, and lived the life of a plant manager’s wife. She is fair tempered, but lives her life with conviction.

*Craig (3 days)

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: 50’s – Billy’s Stepfather. Vile, abusive ex-con. Craig hates Billy and seemingly everything. He is living on a disability check, the tips pleasant makes as a bartender and by hocking auto parts in a old car graveyard where his trailer house is.

*Punk and Thrash Metal kids (40 Background kids) 1980-1990 era look. Levi’s, combat boots, t-shirts, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, SOD, Agnostic Front, Slayer, Kreator, Destruction, Exploited.

*Preppy Kids for High School Party. (40 Background actors) Jocks, GQ, Shorts and polo shirts. Collars up, Sperry Topsiders and Penny Loafers.

First AD
Second AD
Set Design
Art Director

PAY: Paid
OTHER: Film Credit, Copy of Film, Meals, Snacks/Beverages

SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: October 15, 2015
INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume, Regular photo okay, Reel file, Reel link
NOTES: For Background actors, if you don’t have a reel, that is ok. Just send picture, and your email and whether you have your own wardrobe that is period specific.

SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: October 1, 2015
INCLUDE: Resume, Reel file, Reel link
NOTES: Email me some info, and we will set up a call, or Skype.

Lifelong friends on the cusp of adulthood look to bust out of small town Texas in late 1990. The first Gulf War. George Bush’s New World Order, devotion to country at any cost, and death by smart bomb are being marketed in the dawning of the 24 hour news cycle.

The friends seem to be the only ones to realize this is hollow propaganda. Their anger over the media frenzy fuels their defiance, as they carry out calculated acts of vandalism. The boys see their punk band as the one vessel that will carry them beyond the small town’s city limits. As they cling to the hope of eventually leaving for Los Angeles and getting a record deal, high school senior Kara Warrington moves into town and things become more complicated.

Between coping with family issues, relationships and the fear of being trapped in a career at the chemical plants as most of their fathers have, the group begins to realize just how hard it is to escape. Now on the cusp of adulthood, the five fight to fulfill their idealistic desires of carving out a life that they have chosen for themselves. A life outside of conformity and marketed patriotism; of escaping what feels like an inevitable fate of getting stuck; of making the choice between war, a career in a chemical plant, or following their passions. As tensions mount and the media brings war ever closer, they find it may be easier to give in than to continue fighting.

Anthony Pedone

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