Casting Call for Feature Film “Game On” [Tacoma, WA] #casting

Posted January 21, 2015

STATUS: Non-Union
CATEGORY: Feature Film (120 minutes)
PRODUCERS: Phillip Sebal, Mary E Sekela
DIRECTORS: Shariya Lynn, Phillip Sebal
SHOOTING SCHEDULE: Feb 23 – Mar 22, 2015


Game On is a coming-of-age stoner comedy about a group of young adults struggling to understand what it means to “grow up” in the early 21st century. The story follows gamers (and “marijuana enthusiasts”) Regina, Mac, and Warren as they struggle to find a way to save the game store they operate, or else find themselves forced to abandon their alternative lifestyle and join the “real” world.



Headstrong and independent, Regina has been friends with co-workers Warren and Mac since high school and is the only one of the three with ambition for anything other than gaming and smoking weed. She is smart, but a bit pretentious and argumentative. Still, her organization, management skills, and true love of the store are the only things keeping the doors of Game On open. Suffering a pseudo “quarter-life crisis,” she struggles with what her life has become and what it “could have been” if only she applied herself – her friendship with Ava serves as a constant reminder of her “failures.” Though her heart is always in the right place, she frequently goes on angry rants about her life and society as a whole, often taking her misplaced frustration out on virtual zombies and any noobs that dare challenge her.

*African-American actresses only. Must be able to play mid to late twenties.


The younger of two children and the only boy, Warren grew up spoiled and relatively neglected by his wealthy, workaholic parents. Refusing to go to college and get a “real job,” he convinced his businessman father to bankroll Game On so that he wouldn’t have to change his lifestyle. Always on the prowl for hot chicks, he smokes more weed than Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg combined and spends the majority of his free time on FPS’s like Halo, Call of Duty, and Destiny – he considers his skills in these games his greatest accomplishments. He has no ambitions beyond smoking and gaming, content living off his trust fund for the rest of his life despite being capable of greater things.

*Caucasian actors only. Must be able to play mid to late twenties.


Ava is a driven, intellectual, and beautiful Asian American. She is an image of carefully constructed perfection, prone to internalizing problems for the sake of appearances. She has been told her entire life that she is “destined for success,” but she is a natural people pleaser and struggles with standing up to those she considers more important than herself. She has been attempting to work her way up the ranks of the New York fashion industry, but has become disillusioned by corporate assistant work. She recently suffered a serious panic attack, but hides this from her friends. She is the marketing strategist and an essential member of the Game On team, but not a habitual gamer or stoner. She is much more soft-spoken patient than her best friend Regina, but can hold her own when push comes to shove.

*Actresses of Asian decent only. Must be able to play mid to late 20s.


Burdened with taking care of his little sisters after his parents’ death, Cordelle supplements his meager freelance graphic designer income with selling weed on the side – his best clients are Mac and Warren, but his favorite client is Regina. Though a gay man with a white boyfriend, he is the epitome of masculine black “swagger,” always dressed to the nines and known for keeping his place immaculately decorated and clean. When he’s not playing doting father to his siblings, he can be found on sports games – Madden, Tiger Woods, FIFA, and the like – dominating whenever his hands touch a controller. When his favorite game store comes under threat of closing, he combines the graphic design skills from his “real world job” with his business knowhow and joins the Game On crew to help them shine.

*African-American actors only. Must be able to play late twenties/early thirties.


Warren Bailey Sr. is Warren’s hardworking and disapproving father. The founder of a Fortune 500 company, Mr. Bailey pulled himself up by his bootstraps at an early age and rose quickly to the top. He loves his son and has been willingly supporting him since birth, but is now tired of throwing money away on what he considers a bad investment. He believes that video games are for children and that Warren can do “better” if he puts his mind to it. He has a stony demeanor that hides a soft heart within, and genuinely wants what is best for his son and his friends.

*Caucasian actors only. Must be able to play 50s.


A thirty-pushing-forty-year-old Gamestop store manager, Rodger is what many people would call “lame,” but he wears it well. He is a Guitar Hero junkie, the ultimate Star Wars fanboy, and unabashedly proud of both. He meets Regina at her birthday party, and isn’t shy about telling her that Game On could use some improvements.

*Any ethnicity may apply. Must be able to play early 30s.


The severe and unimpressed manager of the local bank where Warren, Mac, and Regina go seeking a loan to buy the Game On retail space. She disdains the trio and acts as the ultimate “evil” adult figure when she refuses to assist them with their financial difficulties, adding insult to injury by pointing out their obvious cluelessness.

*Any ethnicity may apply. Must be able to play 40s.

COMPENSATION: Low/Deferred (Not guaranteed)
SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: February 9, 2015


We are seeking male and female talent to play a variety of roles in our comedic, coming-of-age feature film.

Please read the character descriptions thoroughly. Once you have submitted your name indicating the role for which you would like to audition, we will send you the character sides we would like you to read.

Please submit your video audition to no later than February 9th, 2015. You MUST slate your audition. Auditions without slates (face camera, state your FULL NAME, turn left, turn right, face camera) will not be reviewed. Please state clearly in your video the role for which you are auditioning.

Please send your audition through WeTransfer / Hightail / Google Drive.

Include with your video audition 1) your measurements, 2) a headshot, and 3) your acting resume.

Please note that you may audition even if you are without acting experience. In this case, you may submit your working resume. UNKNOWNS WELCOME!

Call backs will be conducted in person in Tacoma, Washington the week of February 16th. ONLY ACTORS LOCAL TO THE TACOMA OR SEATTLE AREAS WILL BE CONSIDERED. Rehearsals will be limited depending on when key roles are filled, so be prepared to jump in with both feet!

All actors must be available in Tacoma, Washington February 16th through March 23rd. Flexible schedules are required – we will do what we can to accommodate your schedule, and expect the same in return.

Actors auditioning for principal roles (Regina Halloway, Warren Bailey) must be available on all shoot days.


Last Minute Studios is a Los Angeles-based independent production studio helmed by Phillip Sebal, Shariya Lynn, and Mary E Sekela.

Phillip Sebal has worked on several professional productions, including a feature starring Sharon Gless (Burn Notice, Cagney & Lacey) and a documentary entitled Futures Past directed by Jordan Melamed (Manic, Twelve). He has also worked on several Mofilm commercials for major brands, contributing on set as a Producer, DIT, Shooter, and Sound Operator. He now works as VP of Production at Legend Group Studios, where he recently finished editing a documentary with former Atlantic Records President Jerry Greenberg.

Shariya Lynn moved to Los Angeles in 2009, where she began working as an assistant to a literary agent, on several productions, and as a freelance writer. Her sci-fi screenplay Grey Matter placed in the 2010 Nicholl Fellowship and her horror screenplay The Monster Project is slated for production in mid 2015. Her sitcom Papercuts has Penny Marshal (A League of Their Own) attached to direct, and her first novel, Ambrose, is being shopped. She currently works as Director of Development at Legend Group Studios.

Mary E Sekela works as Director of Development at Legend Group Studios, where she has developed multiple titles from feature films (Drunktown’s Finest, The Monster Project) to documentaries (Jimmy Rodgers) to sitcoms (Paper Cuts) to hour dramas (King of Paper Chasin’, Day by Day Armageddon). She has functioned as a writer, editor, producer, and director, as well as a 2nd AD and production coordinator on several music video and documentary shoots. Her feature film adaptation of author Joanna Parypinski’s horror novel Pandora was recently optioned and is slated for production in 2015.