Casting Call for Short Films [Glendale, AZ] #casting

Posted September 15, 2014

STATUS: Non-Union
CATEGORY: Short Film
DISTRIBUTION: Festival circuit

The following characters will be needed for 8 independent short films set to film between October and December 2014. If you fit the description and are available the weekend of and any prior rehearsals please submit.


Oct 10th-12th

Character is a prehistoric caveman. Talent specs: Must carry film with 98% body language.
Age: 21-28; Height: 5’7”-5’10”; Weight: 160-190Lb

Only her silhouette and legs will be shown.
Age: 21-28; Height: 5’0”-5’6”; Weight: proportional to height

Oct 17th-19th

Daniel White
Obsessive Compulsive Clean Freak – Must be comfortable on set and on camera in just their underwear (for a small portion of the film).
Age: 25 -35; Height: 5’ 9” to 6’ 0”; Build: fragile; Hair: Short Brown Hair

Patty White
Bubbly and Effervescent – Will Handle a Chihuahua.
Age: 25-30; Height: 5’ 2” to 5” 9″; Build: petite; Hair: Long Brown Hair (Will have to color a portion of your hair with temporary coloring)

Debra Ray
Shy and Soft spoken.
Age: 25-30; Height: 5’ 2” to 5” 9″; Build: Fragile; Hair: Long Light color

Oct 31-Nov 2nd

Jessica is a young woman who’s going through a very difficult period in her life. She feels alone and tired.
Age: 20-26; Height: 5”5 to 5”7; Build: Long brown hair

Man in Leather Jacket
Man in Leather Jacket is laidback. He wants to be comforting to other people. He is more carefree because he doesn’t see much to worry about.
Age: 20-26; Height: 5”9 to 6”0; Build: lean/ fit; Hair: Short dark/light hair, stubble

Man in Suit
Man in Suit is uptight, but passionate. He’s difficult and stubborn.
Age: 20-26; Height: 5”9 to 6”0; Build: lean; Hair: Short dark/light hair

Jessica’s Sister
Jessica’s Sister is a strong, caring woman. Her life has been good and successful. She cares about her sister deeply.
Age: 24-28; Height: 5”5 to 5”7; Build: Slim to medium; Hair: Short brown

Nov 7th-9th

Young child who can catch, throw, and run football routes. Older brother is his idol. He cares about his brother very much and becomes depressed later on in the film.
Talent specs: Happy, sweet, loving, energetic, curious; Gender: Male; Ethnicity: Caucasian; Age: 10-15; Height: 4’8”-5’0”; Weight: Proportional to Height

Max is the older brother of Mikey. He’s a college student that travels back home with his girlfriend to see his family. He knows football routes, wide/quarterback stances and how to both throw and catch a football. He later becomes depressed and starts drinking. He eventually tells Mikey, his little brother, the truth as to why he’s so depressed.
Talent specs: High performer, depressed, big emotional swings, athletic; Gender: Male; Ethnicity: Caucasian; Age: 21-25; Height: 5’6”-6’0”; Weight: Proportional to Height

Dad is a business man. He enjoys watching football with his children and loves playing with them whenever he isn’t busy working. He’s proud of both his kids and wife.
Talent specs: Happy, loving, and sweet; Gender: Male; Ethnicity: Caucasian; Age: 45-30; Height: 5’6”-6’0”; Weight: Proportional to height

Mom is a housewife who can cook.
Talent specs: Happy, sweet, loving; Gender: Female; Ethnicity: Caucasian; Age: 40-45; Height: 5’2”-5’5”; Weight: Proportional to Height

Max’s girlfriend. She’s a college student who travels with Max to see his family.
Talent specs: Happy, Sweet, loving, depress, takes charge, supportive; Gender: Female; Ethnicity: Caucasian; Age: 21-24; Height: 5’0”-5’5”; Weight: Proportional to Height

Police Officer #1
Police Officer #1 is one of the cops who informs Max and Tori of an unsettling truth. He does not even stay to calm Max and his wife down.
Talent specs: sweet, caring; Gender: Male; Ethnicity: Any; Age: 30’s; Height: 5’5”-6’10”; Weight: Proportional to Height; Facial Hair: Van Dyke

Police Officer #2
Police Officer #2 He’s a young rookie and Police officer 1’s back up.
Talent: sweet, follows rules; Gender: Male; Ethnicity: Any; Age: 20’s; Height: 5’3”- 5’6”; Weight: 145lb to 150lb

Nov 14th-16th

A young boy that is picked on and bullied due to his size, which has led him to be quiet and unwilling to stand up for himself.

John (Adult)
The form young John takes in his imagination. He is bigger, stronger, faster, and easily able to face his fears in this form.
Age: 25-27; Height: 5’9” – 6’2”; Weight: 185-200lbs; Body Type: muscular

Ron is strong, caring, and pushes his child to face his fears.
Age: 27-30; Height: 5’5” – 5’7”; Weight: 165-175; Body Type: slim

Bad Man
Bad Man is the personification of John’s fear. He is dark and cruel.
Age: 25-27; Height: 5’9” – 6’2”; Weight: 185-200lbs; Body Type: Muscular

She is sweet natured, kind, coddling and over protective of John.
Age: 26-28; Height: 5’0” – 5’4”; Weight: 100-120lbs; Body Type: Slight; Body Type: Slight; Hair: Dark Brown / Black

Nov 21st-23rd

Sad Girl (Protagonist)
A young teen battling depression who is easily manipulated by a handsome man.
Age: 16-18; Height: 5’0″ to 5’4″; Body Type: Slim; Hair Color: Dark; Eye Color: Blue/Green/Hazel

Strange Man (Antagonist)
A suave young man who uses manipulation as a tool to get what he wants.
Age: 28-32; Height: 5’8″ to 6’2″; Body Type: Muscular/athletic build; Hair Color: Light brown/blonde hair; Eye Color: Brown/ Black; Extra: Preferably someone with a handsome or photogenic face.

A nurturing and compassionate woman who always does what she is told, she takes her job as a nurse very seriously.
Age: 38-42; Height: 5’0″ to 5’6″; Body Type: Average; Hair Color: Brown; Eye Color: Brown

Dec 5th-7th

Emotional wreck who finds solitude in alcohol. He’s untrusting and doesn’t like to be around people. Slender built, 18-22 year old white male. His hair is medium to long in length. Has a strong muscular jawline, which resembles a greaser from the 1950’s.

Humble Homeless
Dirty, distraught and wise. He speaks many truths; war has made him tough.
Medium frame, (45-55) year old African American male. Medium length hair. Has Strong dark eyes with dominant facial features.

Concerned Teacher
Young, confident, big hearted. Push over. A Medium built, 5”6 to 5”10, 20-30 year old male. Short hair and clean shaved. Soft round face with gentle kind eyes.

Teen Texter
Slender built, 5”2 to 5”6, 18-25 yr. old female. She’s grown up in an age of technology and pays little to no attention to people that can’t do something for her. She’s Attractive, slender and tan. Hair color doesn’t matter.

Dec 12th-14th

Wayne Powers
Wayne is an aggressive young real estate agent. He accepts responsibility and is a take charge individual. He prefers to work alone. His older brother is his idle. He would do anything for him and has.
Talent specs: Take charge, aggressive, independent, intelligent; Gender: Male; Ethnicity: Any; Age: 21-24; Height: 5’8”-5’10”; Weight: Proportional to Height

Douglas Powers
Douglas had a great job but due to the pressures of being a top performing sales agent he starts drinking. He had lots of money, luxurious cars and a beautiful apartment. He lost control and was caught drunk on the job several times. His boss fired him. He has not been able to find a job since. He is in a very deep state of depression. He could not pay his bills and lost his apartment. He is about to lose his car. He rents a room to conserve what money remains so he can cover his remaining bills.
Talent specs: High performer, depressed, big emotional swings, intelligent, athletic; Gender: Male; Ethnicity: Same as Wayne Powers; Age: 21-24; Height: 5’10”-5’12”; Weight: Proportional to Height

Brian Phillips
Brian is a US Marine. He first experimented with alcohol then Marijuana and finally advanced to cocaine. He became an addict. He hit bottom and climbed his way out of hell. He used the Veterans Bill to get his Law degree. He works out every day and eats the right foods. He is committed to helping anyone addicted to alcohol or drugs especially Veterans.
Talent specs: Take charge, independent, intelligent, athletic; Gender: Male; Ethnicity: Any; Age: 25-30; Height: 5’10”-5’12”; Weight: muscleman, body builder, very fit

Rachel is a nurse. She worked and paid her way thru nursing school. She has been working as a nurse for 3 years. She takes her job very seriously. She has saved many people by her quick actions and through her knowledge of drugs and lifesaving procedures.
Talent specs: Take charge, independent, intelligent; Gender: Female; Ethnicity: Any; Age: 21-24; Height: 5’8”-5’10”; Weight: Proportional to Height

Busy Body Nurse (Julie)
Nurse who’s always talking. Just barely gets her job done. Always wants to take a break.
Talent specs: Lazy, slow worker; Gender: Female; Ethnicity: Any; Age: 21-24; Height: 5’8”-5’10”; Weight: Proportional to Height

Angel is Wayne Powers’ Guardian Angel. She does what she is directed to do. She is one of the best in her class of angels.
Talent specs: Loving, kind, patient, helpful; Gender: Female; Ethnicity: Any; Age: 21-24; Height: 5’8”-5’10”; Weight: Proportional to Height

OTHER COMPENSATION: Film credit, DVD copy, Meals, Snacks/beverages
SUBMISSIONS TO INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume, Demo reel link
AUDITION DATE: September 26, 2014


Please provide, head-shots, resume, or links to any highlight reels you may be involved with to Charles Edwards All submissions will be considered and callbacks will be issued accordingly.


Casting Auditions
September 26th 2014
Some pay for featured roles
Food and Copy of work provided
All films will be submitted into independent film contests