Cast and Crew Calls for Untitled Action Teaser Trailer [San Francisco, CA] #casting #crewcall


Posted January 2, 2014

PROJECT TITLE: Untitled Action Teaser Trailer
STATUS: Non-Union
CATEGORY: Teaser Trailer
PRODUCER: Anesti Vega
DIRECTOR: Anesti Vega
SHOOTING SCHEDULE: February/March 2014 TBD
SHOOTING LOCATION: San Francisco, CA (and surrounding)

Maluco Studios has just recently relocated to The Bay from Florida and is looking for quality actors for a teaser trailer concept for a feature length film. It will be produced and directed by Anesti Vega, an award-winning director, cinematographer and choreographer who specializes in the martial arts and action genre and this trailer will be action packed! Here are a few roles needed for the trailer and some roles will require some martial arts and/or gymnastic experience. Please send your information (resumes, headshots, video reels, websites) to


Lead Female 25-35yrs Native/Xicana
A strong and bold character with leadership ability. Is the leader of a local rebel group that is helping to overthrow a corrupt and illegitimate government. Some martial arts and/or gymnastic experience is required and willing to go through some stage combat training specific to the choreography. ***Needs to be and identify as Native and/or Xicana, not pass as one***

Major Supporting Male 35-45yrs African American
Needs to command attention with his voice and presence. A military general-like character that consults and assists in operations. Will give a bold speech as part of the trailer. No martial arts background required, but tall (6ft.+) with a stocky/muscular frame is ideal.

Supporting Male 55-70yrs Asian
A wise mentor and father figure to the lead female character. Is also the spiritual guide to the rebel group. Will have some philosophical dialogue as a teacher, sitting in a circle of children. No martial arts experience required.

Supporting Child(ren) 8-12yrs Open Ethnicities
Multiple children needed for an open discussion setting. One child will be selected to have a line of dialogue in the trailer. Children with martial arts training is also ideal.

Martial Artists/Freerunners/Former Military All Ages All Ethnicities
Needed for the action montage of the trailer. Demo reels of experience is preferred. Martial arts needs to be visually dynamic (i.e. Capoeira, Taekwondo, Filipino Martial Arts.. Aikido/Judo, etc.). Former military/Infantry personnel is preferred for some tactical scenes. People with Rappel, skydiving, scuba certification/experience is also ideal.


Various Crew Positions

Now that we are relocated, we are looking to establish new relationships with creative crew members to assist with this project, as well as many others in the pipeline. We need everything from location scouts, wardrobe and makeup/hair to lighting, sound/audio, production assistants and editors/colorists. If you have experience or are motivated to learn skills in the art of filmmaking, please send your contact info and links to anything you’ve worked on!

OTHER COMPENSATION: Film credit, Meals, Snacks/beverages
SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: March 30, 2014
SUBMISSIONS TO INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume, Snapshot okay


This project is to promote a feature length script that has been written, but only a teaser trailer will be shot at this time. We will shoot at various locations around the Bay and looking to start shooting around the end of February. The final edit of the trailer will be uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo and used to shop for funding for the feature to major studios and investors, as well as showcase the skill and talent of everyone involved in the project. There is no pay for participation, but those who have been cast for this project will ideally be cast in their same roles for the feature when funding is secured for production. We are a socially conscious company that likes to have fun making exciting and visually dynamic films that also have a message that promotes freedom, justice and equality. Feel free to check out and for more information!