Crew Call for TV Miniseries “Anthem for Doomed Youth” [Shreveport, LA] #crewcall #casting

Posted October 16, 2013

PROJECT TITLE: Anthem for Doomed Youth
STATUS: Non-Union
CATEGORY: Television, 12-Part TV Miniseries
FORMAT: Super 16mm
WRITER: Ladarius McDonald
DIRECTOR: Ladarius McDonald
CASTING AGENT: Ranette McDonald
SHOOTING SCHEDULE: Summer 2014 – Spring 2015
SHOOTING LOCATION: Shreveport, Louisiana


SHORT PROJECT DESCRIPTION: “Anthem For Doomed Youth” is a riveting and heartbreaking story about love, anger, madness, and murder. Two high school students Mattie Lovejoy and Dillon Holloway are in an unhealthy relationship that’s always chaotic. When a new kid in town named Sean Shaffer enters their lives, things begin to take a more darker turn, especially for Mattie. Inspired by true crime events, The miniseries goes deeply in depth on the minds of teenagers and their severe angst that paints a melancholic picture of being a teenager.

LOG LINE: A volatile Teenager (Played by Ladarius McDonald) and three other Teens commit a murderous crime that shocked the nation.

MAIN PROJECT DESCRIPTION: “Anthem For Doomed Youth” is a 12-part TV Drama Miniseries. The Miniseries is written and directed by newcomer Ladarius McDonald (who also stars in the Miniseries as main Character Matthew “Mattie” Lovejoy). It’s a tragic Coming-Of-Age Story about the troubled life of Matthew “Mattie” Lovejoy (Played by Ladarius McDonald), An angry and disturbed Teenager. Mattie grew up in a abusive home throughout his childhood by his violent and manipulative father and because of the upbringing, Mattie would occasionally act erratic, angry, and depressed. During his summer vacation, Mattie meets Dillon Holloway, who is the new athletic kid in town and also the same age as Mattie and they both quickly fell in love.

Mattie and Dillon were inseparable and couldn’t take their eyes off of each other. Their relationship often hits rock bottom on several occasions when their relationship turns violent because of their involvement of drugs, and many, many craziness, but through most of their hard times they still love each other. Meanwhile, during the events of Mattie and Dillon’s troubled relationship, a subplot of the miniseries focuses on Larry Hackett, who is a 15-year-old Teenager (Ages 16-20 in later episodes) with twice the troubled life than Mattie. Larry grew up in a fundamental family because his father is an abusive Pentecostal and his Mother is very neglectful about the complicated situations around the household. Larry is obsessed over the dark themes of vampirism, satanism, and the occult (which brings out the dark side of his personality). Other subplots includes Larry’s other two Friends Anthony Lawson and Bobby Ripley, who are two 14-year-olds (Ages 15-19 in later episodes) with troubled lives. Anthony grew up in an abusive home throughout his Childhood, which left him severely and emotionally damaged. Bobby also grew up in a abusive home throughout his Childhood and as a result Bobby became very rebellious and narcissistic. All three Friends’ personal lives are viewed through every dark and disturbing details as the episodes of the Miniseries progresses.

While Larry, Anthony, and Bobby’s personal lives are being viewed, Mattie’s relationship with Dillon slowly began to deteriorate due to their constant violent fights and arguments and, although their relationship never officially ended, Dillon meets a 15-year-old Boy named Sean Shaffer (16-years-old in later episodes), who recently moves in with his father Hunter, his step mother, and his step siblings after two years of living with his divorced mother Bethany. Their meeting wasn’t a good one because both of them were in a fight at school and got detention. While in detention, Dillon apologizes to Sean and they both made amends and became Friends. Soon Dillon slowly begins to fall in love with Sean and both of them began to write letters to each other that implied strong affections.

When Dillon courted Sean into a relationship, it caused Sean’s parents to feel uncomfortable about the thought because they would learn later on that Dillon is a troublemaker. During this time, While both lovers are on hiatus, Mattie began dating another boy named Aaron, who is Dillon’s football teammate. The relationship soon faded and Mattie soon focuses more on his attention towards Dillon, even though Mattie was unaware that Dillon was on the verge of breaking up with him to be with Sean. When Mattie found out about Dillon’s thoughts on that,
he made several violent threats towards Sean to stay away from Dillon or else. From that point on, Mattie began to act possessive towards Dillon, Mattie hangs out with him more often with his friends, constantly calling him, and frequently writes him letters to keep Sean away or else Mattie would kill him.

After months and months of numerous threats, harassments, and violent confrontations, Sean severed all ties with Dillon and Dillon never reformed his relationship with Mattie. Dillon’s romantic need for Sean drove Mattie into extreme insanity and anger and he soon enlisted Larry Hackett, whom Mattie met from various friends, and Mattie came up with the idea of murdering Sean so that Dillon could forget about Sean and focuses more on him. Larry also enlisted his two best friends Anthony Lawson and Bobby Ripley into joining him and Mattie’s plan into murdering Sean. Mattie’s disturbing plan of murdering Sean eventually succeeded, but resulted in more than what he had bargained for.



Executive Producers

OTHER COMPENSATION: Film credit, Meals, Snacks/beverages, Lodging
SUBMISSIONS MUST INCLUDE: Resume, Demo reel file, Demo reel link
AUDITION DATE: Immediately


FOR PRODUCERS ONLY: The auditions are online only. You can email me your demo reels and resumes of your previous and/or current projects.


At this time, I’m only searching for producers and executive producers of this project because it’s the best step to find finance, funding, and shipping the project to television stations for consideration. The compensation is something that would be discussed during production of the project. We could negotiate on the compensation at any time of production.