Cast and Crew Calls for Feature Film “The Guardian Angel” [Ocean County, NJ] #casting #crewcall

Posted June 8, 2013

PROJECT TITLE: The Guardian Angel
STATUS: Non-Union
CATEGORY: Feature Film
FORMAT: 35mm
DISTRIBUTION: Festival circuit
PRODUCER: Zachary Davis
WRITER: Zachary Davis
DIRECTOR: Zachary Davis
SHOOTING SCHEDULE: Two to three weeks this August (specific dates TBA)
SHOOTING LOCATION: Ocean County, NJ. Sound stage in Long Island, NY


In a small town, amidst all the people there and everything going on, are descendants of the fallen angels. Smitty is a descendant that is a fighter to make money, helps people throughout the town, and develops a relationship with the members of the Rutkowski family. Baron is a descendant that feels it is absurd that he has to answer to people, and that the angels are the ones that should be in charge. Baron decides to start an uprising, and where Smitty has helped others tap into their full potential, the Rutkowskis help Smitty tap into his.


01. Baron: The antagonist. Descendent of the fallen angels looking start an uprising. Caucasian male between the ages of 35-45.

02. Emily: The daughter/sister. Artistic. Guarded when meeting Smitty (the main character), but she opens up later on. Caucasian female around the age of 18.

03. Nancy: The mother. Police detective. Trying to keep her family together. Caucasian female between the ages of 35-45.

04. Matthew: The son/brother. Was being picked on by bullies, until Smitty (the main character) defended him, and now is inspired to learn karate. Caucasian male. 14 years old.

05. Madelyn: The daughter/sister. Losing her hearing. Caucasian female. 8 years old.

06. Alicia: Police detective. Nancy’s partner. Around the same age as Nancy.

07. Eric: A part of Baron’s gang. In his late 20s/30s.

08. Antonio: Works at the pizza place. Between the ages of 35-45.

09. Dan: The bartender. Between the ages of 35-50.

10. The fight coordinator: Organizes the fights behind the bar. In his 30s.

11. The three bullies: Three males around the age of 16.

12. The two drug dealers: Two males in their 20s.

13. Toddler Smitty: The toddler version of the main character. Caucasian male. Hazel eyes. Brunette.

14. Tween Smitty: The tween version of the main character. Caucasian male. Hazel eyes. Brunette.

15. Smitty’s father: Father of the main character. Caucasian male. Between the ages of 30-40.

16. Smitty’s mother: Mother of the main character. Caucasian female. Between the ages of 30-40.

17. Shelly: Works at the outdoor juice bar. In her 20s.

18. Obnoxious drunk man: Between the ages of 30-40.

19. Blind woman: Between the ages of 30-50.

20. Fighters/Baron’s gang members.


1. Gaffer (working the lights).

2. Grips (moving the equipment and helping with the lights).

3. Sound mixer.

4. Prop master.

5. Wardrobe person.

6. Make-up person.

7. Editor.

8. Camera operator.

9. Set builder.

OTHER COMPENSATION: Film credit, DVD copy, Meals
SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: 06/08/13 – 07/19/13
AUDITION DATE: 06/08/13 – 07/19/13


There is not a location for the auditions, so all I ask is that you send a picture and a reel (if you have one), and if you appear to be right for one of the characters, you will be e-mailed a scene, and you will be asked to record yourself acting the scene. Send the recording to