The Confederation: An Alternate History Web Series [fundraiser] #fundraising

Posted June 7, 2013

‘The Confederation’ is a future web series set during the 1960’s in a world where the South won the American Civil War. The story will focus on a group of former slaves as well as a squad of Confederate female snipers fighting in the Cuban War (the Confederacy’s version of Vietnam.) The series will be filmed in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Recently, a Kickstarter campaign was launched in order to fund the first season. (

Kickstarter Goal:
$2,500 (Will help fund the pilot episode.)

Some of the Rewards for Backers:
$10 – Digital Downloads of the songs ‘John Brown’s Body’ and ‘Dixie’
$20 – Digital Download of the first episodes, including bonus content
$30 – DVD Copy of the first episodes, plus additional bonus content