Casting Call for Short Film “Faithful” [Newark, DE] #casting

Looking for actors for a short independent film entitled “Faithful.” Shooting will begin in April in the Newark DE area. This will be a silent film set to music so all actors must be able to express character and emotion through facial expression and body movement. Modeling and dance experience encouraged. All actors must be comfortable with scenes of sexuality and violence. All roles can be played by any ethnicity. Must be 18 years of age or older to audition.

“Faithful” follows a young couple through the first years of their marriage as their love is slowly destroyed by fear, mistrust and dark sexual desires. Will be shot with Canon DSLRs (primarily the T3i) and then is intended to hit the festival circuit upon completion.

Female, 20s, pretty. Must be able to portray the sweet and innocent girl in love for the first time, a young woman trying desperately to conform to image of the perfect housewife and finally a woman who is dead inside and who has given in to her own violent and lustful nature. Anne Francis or Vera Miles type.

Male, 20s, handsome. Must be able to portray the loving boy next door, the young man trying to become a responsible adult and finally a man made bitter, broken and cruel by the misery of his life. Sidney Poitier or Montgomery Clift type.

The Shadow:
Male, 20s-30s, creepy but attractive. A ghostly figure that embodies all the evil that destroys the relationship. Must be frightening and repulsive but with an irresistible charm. Marlon Brando or Robert Mitchum type.

Four locations; three in the Newark DE area and one in Glen Burnie MD (transportation will be provided for the one in MD). Filming will take place in April. 4 to 7 day shoot depending on the need for reshoots.

Non-union. Food and drinks will be provided at each shoot.

If you are interested in auditioning or would just like more information about the project please e-mail headshot and resume to:

If you are selected you will be contacted to schedule an audition time. Auditions end March 24th.