Casting for MILITARY VETERAN #casting


Capturing the attention of actor Michael K. Williams after seeing a clip from the film; “Snow On Tha Bluff” has since burst onto the found-footage scene. Williams signed on as Executive Producer, pushing the acclaimed crime-drama to the mainstream. The film was picked up by Suzanne Blech’s company, Screen Media Films, in early 2012. Now the creators of “Snow On Tha Bluff”, Director Damon Russell and Producer Chris Knittel, are casting for their next lead.

Searching for a Military Veteran, the reality duo are seeking to blend a story around the experience of re-adjusting to life at home. Exploring the effects of combat trauma, this new film looks to intimately explore a human psyche, torn by the longest running war in U.S. history. Having already blurred the controversial lines of reality with “Snow On Tha Bluff”, this new unscripted military drama is expected to begin production January 2013.

What Russell and Knittel are looking for:

Looking for charismatic, intelligent, and outspoken returning military veterans to appear in a upcoming film. Age, race and gender are unimportant, but you must have served a tour in either Iraq or Afghanistan to apply.

Also looking for rural, roughneck country types. If you’ve grown up in the South, lived in rural areas all your life, and have an interesting personality, we are looking for you.

The film will be mostly documentary with a dash of embellishment. We want to explore how you’ve changed as a person after the war and what life is like for you now that you have returned. We will interweave the elements of your real life with current events and loosely scripted scenes.

If you are interested please send the following this e-mail address :

– A brief description of yourself

– A few pictures or links to online videos of yourself.

– Your Age, location, etc.

– A quick description of where you served, some of your experiences and what it is you want to say to the world.

– If your applying for the veteran role, put “veteran” in subject line. If your applying for the “country type” role, put “country” in subject line.

All info will be kept confidential.