First post

indie film : An independent film, or indie film, is a film that is produced mostly outside of a major film studio.

We love films. Films tell stories and they appeal to all of us. As a filmmaker, you love bringing the stories to life. As an actor, you love bringing the characters to life. Our hope is to connect everyone together to produce some of the best films yet to be seen.

This is our inaugural first post. We figure the best use of this post is to answer some questions so you can get to know us a little better.

Why we exist

Big Hollywood productions use a couple of well-known casting sites that don’t really cater to smaller independent productions. Indie Film Casting was created for indie filmmakers to have a site of their own to find reliable actors and film crew.

Why use us

Because we’re here to help. Film communities throughout the country have been using bulletin boards and online film groups at the local level to find talent. It works and we’re not here to say it doesn’t. But boundries are changing. You shouldn’t limit yourself to a local area. Filmmakers and talent around the country should have a single resource site to network and connect.

Why we’re free

We understand indie filmmakers don’t have a lot of resources. You’re not some big Hollywood production with a big studio budget. Most indie productions have to raise their own budgets. It takes mostly labor and time to run our site, and a few cool people are working pro bono to keep our service free.

Hope you enjoy using our site. We appreciate your feedback so send your comments to

Now go out there and make a film.

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